Revealing and Concealing Gender: Issues of Visibility in Organizations

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Introduction: Theoretical Insights into the Practices of Revealing and Concealing Gender Within Organizations; P.Lewis & R.Simpson Living and Working in Grey Areas: Gender (In)Visibility and Organization Space; M.Tyler & L.Cohen A Question Of Membership; H.Höpfl Pregnancy Centre Stage, Please: Contesting the Erasure of Pregnant Bodies from Workplace Space; C.Gatrell 4 'Mothered' and Othered: (In)Visibility of Care Responsibility and Gender in Processes of Excluding Women from Norwegian Law Firms; S.Therese Lyng Organizing Entrepreneurship? Women's Invisibility in Self-Employment; D.Kerfoot & C.Miller 'Mumpreneurs': Revealing the Post-Feminist Entrepreneur; P.Lewis Masculinities in Practice: The Invisible Dynamics in Sports; I.Ryan Leadership and the (In)Visibility of Gender; J.Binns 'Now You See Me, Now You Don't': The Visibility Paradox for Women in a Male Dominated Profession; J.H.Watts The Critical And (Subversive) Act Of (In)Visibility: A Strategic Reframing Of 'Disappeared and Devalued' Women in a Densely Masculinist Workplace; S.Harwood A Reversal of the Gaze: Men's Experiences Of Visibility in Non-Traditional Occupations; R.Simpson Gender, Mask and the Face: Towards a Corporeal Ethics; A.Pullen & C.Rhodes
Issues of visibility and invisibility are becoming increasingly apparent in gender research in organizations. This book will not only further develop current theoretical ideas around being seen and unseen within organizations, but will also provide us with the opportunity to problematize the concepts of visibility and invisibility.
Editiert von: P. Lewis, R. Simpson
PATRICIA LEWIS is Senior Lecturer in Management at Kent Business School. Her work on gender and emotion, gender and enterprise, the development of enterprise culture and entrepreneurial identity has been published in Gender, Work and Organization; British Journal of Management; Work, Employment and Society; Human Relations; Journal of Business Ethics.
RUTH SIMPSON is Professor of Management at Brunel Business School. Her research interests include gender and management education, gender and emotions and the careers of men in non-traditional occupations. She has published in Human Relations, Academy of Management (Learning and Education), Gender, Work and Organization and Work, Employment and Society.

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