Serbia's Transition: Towards a Better Future

Studies in Economic Transition
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The book examines the complex transition from socialism to capitalism in Serbia, one of the countries in Southeast Europe where economic and political reforms have been substantially delayed
List Of Tables List Of Figures Preface Acknowledgements Introduction Serbia On The Eve Of Transition The Early 1990s: Political And Economic Instability Post-Dayton: Slow Progress With Transition Serbia's 'Velvet' Revolution And Its Aftermath Embarking On Transition For The Second Time Transition Strategy Flaws: Privatization And Restructuring Integrating Serbia Into The European Union The Way To A Better Future: Remaining Challenges Postface References
The book analyzes the twenty years of economic transition from socialism to capitalism in Serbia. It offers a comprehensive evaluation of the achievements and failures of the transition, and explains why its course has been more complex and unique than elsewhere in the former socialist world.
Autor: M. Uvalic
Milica Uvalic

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Autor: M. Uvalic
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