Rethinking the Atlantic World

Europe and America in the Age of Democratic Revolutions
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Preface Notes on Contributors Introduction: Beyond Atlantic History; M.Albertone & A.De Francesco PART I: POLITICAL IDEAS AND ECONOMIC MODELS IN THE 18TH CENTURY EUROPE AND AMERICA The One and the Many: the Two Revolutions Question and the 'Consumer-Commercial' Atlantic, 1789 to the Present; A.Potofsky Democracy and Equality in the Radical Enlightenment: Revolutionary Ideology before 1789; J.Israel Between Republicanism and the Enlightenment: Turgot and Adams; M.L.Pesante Nicolas Bergasse and Alexander Hamilton: the Role of the Judiciary in the Separation of Powers and Two Conceptions of Constitutional Order; P.Pasquino Neutrality and Trade in the Dutch Republic (1775-1783): Prelude to a Piecemeal Revolution; K.Stapelbroek PART II: FREE TRADE AND DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTIONS IN THE 18TH CENTURY EUROPE AND AMERICA Thomas Jefferson and French Economic Thought: a Mutual Exchange of Ideas; M.Albertone The Question of Slavery in the Physiocrats Texts: A Re-reading of an Old Debate; M.Dorigny 'A New Kind of Federalism': Benjamin Constant and Modern Europe; B.Fontana Industry, Government, and Europe: from the Mercantilists to Saint-Simon; B.Longhitano PART III: THE AMERICAN AND THE FRENCH REVOLUTIONS: FROM TWO CONTINENTS A NEW POLITICAL WORLD France and the United States at the End of the Eighteenth Century; J.R.Sharp The French and North American Revolutions in Comparative Perspective; R.Whatmore Federalist Obsession and Jacobin Conspiracy: France and the United States in a Time of Revolution, 1789-1794; A.De Francesco In Search of the Atlantic Republic: 1660-1776-1799 in the Mirror; P.Serna The Republican Imagination and Race: The Case of the Haitian Revolution; B.Gainot
This unique collection of essays provides a re-evaluation of the term 'Atlantic', by placing at the core of the debate on republicanism in the early modern age the link between continental Europe and America, rather than assuming British political culture as having been widely representative of Europe as a whole.

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