Welfare State Transformations: Comparative Perspectives
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Welfare State Transformations: Comparative Perspectives

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M. Seeleib-Kaiser
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Focusing on the shifting boundaries of 'public' and 'private' social policy, this edited volume provides nuanced analyses of transformations to welfare states globally.
Shifting Boundaries of 'Public and Private'; M.Seeleib-Kaiser PART I: STATE PERSPECTIVES Welfare State Reforms in the United Kingdom; M. Powell Welfare State Transformations in an Affluent Scandinavian State: The Case of Denmark; J.Goul-Andersen The Public-Private Mix in Southern Europe: What Changed in the Last Decade?; A.Guillen& M.Petmesidou Metamorphoses of Welfare States in Central and Eastern Europe; M.Potucek The State of Japanese Welfare: Welfare and the Japanese State; R.Goodman PART II: POLICY PERSPECTIVES Politically Dominant but Socially Flawed: Projected Pension Levels for Citizens at Risk in Six European Multi- Pillar Pension Systems; P.Bridgen& T.Meyer The Changing Public-Private Mix in OECD Healthcare Systems; H.Rothgang, M.Cacace, L.Frisina& A.Schmid From Liberal Statism to Statist Liberalism: The Transformation of Unemployment Policies in Europe; D.Clegg The Transformation of Incapacity Benefits; P.Kemp The 'Public' and 'Private' of Work-Family Reconciliation: Unsettling Gendered Notions and Assumptions; D.Ben-Galim& R.Gambles PART III: THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES AND CONCLUSION Reconstructing Nation, State and Welfare: The Transformation of Welfare States; J.Clarke Conclusion; M.Seeleib-Kaiser
This edited volume provides new empirical evidence of far-reaching changes to welfare states globally, which have changed the boundaries of the 'public' and 'private' domain within the mixed economies of welfare. Various modes of policy intervention are investigated, providing a nuanced account of reforms in the past decade.

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