Humanitarian Logistics

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PROLOGUE Chapter 1: LOGISTICS OF HUMANITARIAN AID . Introduction . From Logistics to Supply Chain Management . Supply Chain Management . Supply Chain Management Fundamentals: Flows, Design, and Management Quality . Characteristics of a Humanitarian Supply Chain . Speed . Opportunities for Cross-Learning . Sharing Knowledge Between the Private and Humanitarian Sector . Conclusion Chapter 2: HUMANITARIANISM . Introduction . Not All that Glitters is Gold . Defining 'Humanitarian' . Humanitarian Space . Conflict Connection . The Humanitarian Challenge . Conclusion Chapter 3: PREPAREDNESS . Introduction . Hurricane Mitch . Successful Responses are not Improvised . Preparedness Challenges . Logistics Becomes a Central Function from Hurricane Mitch to Gujarat . Five Key Building Blocks of Preparedness . Preparedness Strategy Drives Response Effectiveness . Put an End to Fire-Fighting . Conclusion Chapter 4: COORDINATION . Introduction . The Need for Coordination . Levels of Coordination . Disaster Lifecycle . Matching the Lifecycle . Humanitarian Coordination: Obstacles to Overcome . Conclusion Chapter 5: INFORMATION MANAGEMENT . Introduction . Role of Information Management . Visibility (Pipeline) . Transparency (Process) . Accountability (Parties/Performance) . Benefits of Accountability . Information Flows . Conclusion Chapter 6: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT . Introduction . How is Knowledge Created? . Knowledge is Created and Needed at Different Levels . Knowing Ahead of Time . They Know That You Don't Know What They Know ... And It Will Cost You . Barriers to Knowledge Sharing . Conclusion Chapter 7: BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIP . Introduction . Humanitarian-Private Partnerships . Building Learning Labs . Back Office Support . Humanitarians in the Forefront . Forms of Corporate Support for Humanitarian Activities . CSR Partnership Challenges . Investing in Partnerships: The TNT-WFP Case . Value Through Learning . Learning: A Difficult Process that Needs to be Managed Proactively . Barriers to Exchange Best Practice . Conclusion EPILOGUE
Imagine planning an event like the Olympics. Now imagine planning the same event but not knowing when or where it will take place, or how many will attend. This is what humanitarian logisticians are up against. Oversights result in serious consequences for the victims of disasters. So they have to get it right, fast.

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