New Drivers of Performance in a Changing World

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Alessandro Carretta
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Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions

This book presents a wide and accurate analysis of the new issues affecting the performance of financial markets and intermediaries in today's changing environment
Preface Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors PART I: NEW FINANCIAL PRODUCTS AND APPROCHES: FOCUS ON PERFORMANCE European Exchanges, Investor Behaviour and Asset Allocation Criteria: Country vs Industry Approach; A.Carretta& G.Nicolini The Performance Evaluation of Hedge Funds: A Comparison of Different Approaches; A.Carretta& G.Mattarocci Real Estate Investments: The Case of Italian Market; C.Porzio& G.Sampagnaro Real Estate Selection and Portfolio Construction Model: Data Analysis from the Italian Market; C.Giannotti& G.Mattarocci Funds of Funds' Portfolio Composition and its Impact on the Performance: Evidence from the Italian Market; A.Carretta& G.Mattarocci Market Characteristics and Chaos Dynamics: An International Comparison; G.Mattarocci PART II: DETERMINANTS OF VALUE CREATION IN BANKING How do Banks Make Money for Their Owners?; F.Fiordelisi Do Mergers and Acquisition Lead to Shareholder Value in European Banking: A Short Term Perspective; M.Pallotta Does Corporate Culture Affect Shareholder Value? Evidence from European Banking; A.Carretta, V.Farina, F.Fiordelisi& P.Schwizer PART III: REGULATION AND CHANGE IN BANKS' AND CUSTOMERS' BEHAVIOUR Transparency Between Banks and their Customers. Information Needs and Public Intervention; M.Cratelli The Consumer's Financial Capability: A Regulatory's Perspective; G.Nicolini Corporate Disclosure Determinants: A Cross-country Investigation; V.Farina Single European Payments Area: Opportunities for Corporates and Consumers; L.Leonelli Coordination& Cooperation in Financial Regulation: Do Regulators Comply with Banking Culture?; A.Carretta, V.Farina& P.Schwizer
In a financial revolution, new determinants of performance arise and interest in the way performance is measured and communicated to stakeholders grows. This book presents a wide and accurate analysis of the impact that regulation, structural changes and new financial products have on the performance of markets and intermediaries.

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