Emerging Syntheses In Science

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David Pines
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* Foreword David Pines * The Concept of the Institute Murray Gell-Mann * Spin Glass Hamiltonians: A Bridge Between Biology, Statistical Mechanics and Computer Science P.W. Anderson * Macromolecular Evolution: Dynamical Ordering in Sequence Space Manfred Eigen * Evolutionary Theory of Genotypes and Phenotypes: Towards a Mathematical Synthesis Marcus W. Feldman * Prospects for a Synthesis in the Human Behavioral Sciences Irven DeVore * Emergence of Evolutionary Psychology John Tooby * War in Evolutionary Perspective Richard W. Wrangham * The Relationship of Modern Archeology to Other Disciplines Douglas Schwartz * Reconstructing the Past through Chemistry Antholy Turkevich * The Conscious and Uncounscious Stream of Thought Jerome L. Singer * Emerging Syntheses in Science: Conscious and Unconscious Processes Mardi J. Horowitz * Brain Mechanisms Unerlying Visual Hallucinations J.D. Cowan * Solitons in Biological Molecules Alwyn C. Scott * The New Biology and its Human Implications Theodore T. Puck * Biomolecules Hans Frauenfelder * Computing with Attractors: From Self-repairing Computers to Ultradiffusion, and the Application of Dynamical Systems to Human Behavior B.A. Huberman * Fundamental Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy Frank Wilczek * Complex Systems Theory Stephen Wolfram * Mathematics and the Sciences Felix E. Browder * Applications of Mathematics to Theoretical Computer Science Harvey Friedman * Linguistics and Computing M.P. Sch tzenberger * Dissipation, Information, Computational Complexity and the Definition of Organization Charles H. Bennett * Plans for the Future George A. Cowan
The Santa Fe Institute, as key element in its founding activities, sponsored two workshops on 'Emerging Syntheses in Science.' There was unanimous agreement among the participants that Professor Gell-Mann's keynote address and the ensuing talks were of such high quality and general interest that it would be highly desirable to publish these for broader distribution.

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