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The Psychology of Green Organizations

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Jennifer L. Robertson
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List of Contributors

Part I: Setting the Stage
Chapter 1: Introduction
Jennifer L. Robertson and Julian Barling

Chapter 2: The Nature of Employees' Pro-Environmental Behaviors
Olivier Boiral, Pascal Paillé, and Nicolas Raineri

Chapter 3: Theoretical Basis for Organizational Pro-Environmental Research
Angela M. Ruepert, Linda Steg, and Kees Keizer

Chapter 4: Research Methods in Pro-Environmental Research
Timur Ozbilir and E. Kevin Kelloway

Chapter 5: Diary Methods and Workplace Pro-Environmental Behaviors
Megan J. Bissing-Olson, Kelly S. Fielding, and Aarti Iyer

Part II: The Role of Individuals in Promoting Workplace Pro-Environmental Behaviors
Chapter 6: Individual Determinants of Workplace Pro-Environmental Behaviors
Siu Hing Lo

Chapter 7: The Relationship between Emotions and Workplace Pro-Environmental Behaviors
Sally Russell and Elmar Friedrich

Chapter 8: Environmental Leadership
Jennifer L. Robertson and Julian Barling

Chapter 9: Environmental Locus of Control
Mark Cleveland and Maria Kalamas

Chapter 10: "Green Me Up, Scotty": Psychological Influence Techniques for Increasing Pro-Environmental Employee Behavior
Kerrie L. Unsworth

Part III: The Role of Organizations in Promoting Workplace Pro-Environmental Behaviors
Chapter 11: Organizational Change
Mathew Davis and Phillipa Coan

Chapter 12: Green Human-Resource Management
Andrew Bratton and John Bratton

Chapter 13: Ergonomic Initiatives Towards Environmental Sustainability
Andrew Thatcher

Chapter 14: Pro-Environmental Organizational Culture and Climate
Thomas A. Norton, Hannes Zacher, and Neal A. Ashkanasy

Part IV: Tying It All Together
Chapter 15: Sustainable Innovation at Interface: Workplace Pro-Environmental Behavior as a Collective Driver for Continuous Improvement
Steve Kennedy, Gail Whiteman, and Amanda Williams
As we move further into the 21st century, the global challenges and consequences posed by climate change are becoming increasingly apparent. Although organizations are considered significant contributors to climate change, they also have the potential to positively affect it through their employees. As a result, understanding how employees' pro-environmental initiatives can positively affect climate change has increasingly become the focus of inquiry among organizational researchers.

The Psychology of Green Organizations brings together a number of these researchers to review leading research in different areas of organizational environmental sustainability. In so doing, this book consolidates available knowledge on employees' contributions to corporate environmental initiatives, stimulates future empirical research on this topic, and provides recommendations for how organizations can improve their environmental performance through their employees.

Many chapters provide case examples of environmentally sustainable organizations to illustrate lessons gleaned from research. Chapters in part 1 provide a conceptual, theoretical, and methodological foundation for research on workplace pro-environmental behaviors, while those in parts 2 and 3 review research on the promotion of workplace pro-environmental behaviors at the individual and organizational levels, respectively. Part 4 explores one organization that has been successful at promoting employees' environmental initiatives, highlighting how both organizational and individual factors can be used to effect major changes in corporate environmental sustainability.

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