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Beyond Sound

The College and Career Guide in Music Technology
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Scott L. Phillips
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Chapter 1: The Professional Music Technologist
Chapter 2: Preparing to Be a Music Technologist
Chapter 3: Studying to Be a Music Technologist
Chapter 4: Starting Your Career as a Music Technologist
Chapter 5: Music Technologists in the Recording Studio
Chapter 6: Music Technologists in Live Sound
Chapter 7: Music Technologists in Film and Television
Chapter 8: Music Technologists in Digital Media
Chapter 9: Music Technologists in Sales and Support
Chapter 10: Music Technologists in Education
Chapter 11: Conclusion
Appendix A: College Programs by School
Appendix B: College Programs by State
Appendix C: Graduate Programs by School
Beyond Sound is a must-read for anyone who loves music technology and wants to build a career in this competitive, fast-paced world. Author Scott L. Phillips draws on his seventeen-year career as a technology trainer and educator, and his extensive network of music technology professionals, to present an intimate view of the exciting world of music technology. The book offers an in-depth consideration of music technology education, including looks at specific programs and a clear explanation of different types of degrees. Moreover, it provides practical guidance on career preparation, including how to get a great internship, how to land that first job, and how to make connections and move up in a variety of businesses from recording to television and film to video games. And Phillips brings stories from successful professionals, who share their experiences, advice, and suggestions.

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