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The Autisms

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Mary Coleman
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Part One - Autism as a Spectrum
1. Diagnosis of the autisms in infancy
2. The clinical course of autism in childhood and adolescence
3. Adults with autism
4. Asperger syndrome
5. Co-morbidities and symptom complexes
6. Epidemiology - is autism increasing?
7. Timing - When do diseases with autistic features begin?
8. Neuroanatomy - which parts of the brain are involved?
9. Neuropsychology/cognitive psychology in the autisms
10. Autism and epilepsy
11. Biochemistry, immunology, endocrinology

Part Two - Autism as a Syndrome
12. Clinical subgroups
13. Neurogenomics: Genes
14. Neurogenomics: Chromosomes
15. Neurogenomics: Mitochondrial disorders, environment, epigenetics

Part Three - Treatment and Support
16. Educational and behavioral interventions throughout the life span in autism
17. Prevention, reversal autism, and medical therapies
18. Conclusion

Appendix One - Recommended psychiatric/psychological work-up in autism.
Appendix Two - Updated neurological work-up for children with autistic features
The Autisms, written by Mary Coleman and Christopher Gillberg, demonstrates that autism, like mental retardation, is a clinical presentation of numerous different diseases, many with genomic underpinnings. In this ground-breaking work, the authors explain in great detail how to clinically diagnose infants, children, adolescents and adults with autistic behavioral features and their psychiatric and neurological work-ups.

This new edition contains several chapters on the associated problems of autism, such as intellectual disability, epilepsy, tics, eating disorders and sleep problems, as well as a chapter on epidemiology that documents the historical increase in autism diagnoses. Several chapters summarize the latest data on neuroanatomy, biochemistry and neuropsychology, while three neurogenomics chapters show evidence suggesting that autism occurs due to genetic errors which cause interruption or misdirection of critical neurodevelopmental circuits in the fetal brain.

Completely up-to-date, The Autisms is relevant and necessary reading for researchers and clinicians in neuroscience, neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and psychology.

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