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The Longest Journey

Southeast Asians and the Pilgrimage to Mecca
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Eric Tagliacozzo
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IntroductionPart I: Charting the Hajj over the Centuries
1. Ancient Footsteps: Southeast Asia's Earliest Muslim Pilgrims
2. Mecca's Tidal Pull: The Red Sea and Its Worlds
3. Financing Devotion: The Economics of the Pre-Moden Hajj
4. Sultanate and Crescent: Religion and Politics in the Indian Ocean

Part II: The Hajj through Four Colonial Windows
5. In Conrad's Wake: Lord Jim, the "Patna," and the Hajj
6. A Medical Mountain: Health Maintenance and Disease Control on the Hajj
7. The Skeptic's Eye: Snouck Hurgronje and the Politics of Pilgrimage
8. The Jeddah Consulates: Colonial Espionage in the Hejaz

Part III Making the Hajj "Modern"
9. Regulating the Flood: The Hajj and the Independent Nation-State
10. On the Margins of Islam: Hajjis from Outside Southeast Asia's "Islamic Arc"
11. "I was the Guest of Allah": Hajj Memoirs and Writings from Southeast Asia
12. Remembering Devotion: Oral History and the Pilgrimage
The pilgrimage to Mecca, or Hajj, has been a yearly phenomenon of great importance in Muslim lands for well over one thousand years. Each year, millions of pilgrims from throughout the Dar al-Islam, or Islamic world, stretching from Morocco east to Indonesia, make the trip to Mecca as one of the five pillars of their faith. By the end of the nineteenth century, and the beginning of the twentieth, fully half of all pilgrims making the journey in any given year could come from Southeast Asia. The Longest Journey, spanning eleven modern nation-states and seven centuries, is the first book to offer a history of the Hajj from one of Islam's largest and most important regions.

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