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Sun, Sea, and Sound

Music and Tourism in the Circum-Caribbean
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Timothy Rommen
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Table of Contents

Kenneth Bilby
Introduction: Theorizing Music Touristics
Timothy Rommen
I. Music, Musicians, and the Mass Tourism Market
1. Modern Mento: The Emergence of Native Music in Jamaica Tourism
Daniel Neely
2. Selling Cuba by the Sound: Music and Tourism in Cuba in the 1990s
Vincenzo Perna
II. Material and Immaterial Patterns of Circulation and Music Touristics
3. Cruising Cultures: Post-War Tourism and the Circulation of
Caribbean Musical Performances
Mimi Sheller
4. "Hello, New York City!": Sonic Tourism in Haitian Rara
Michael Largey
III. Sites and Sounds of Intra-regional, Expatriate, and Insider Tourism
5. Wanderers of Love: Touring and Tourism in the Jamaica-Haiti Musical
Circuit of the 1950s.
Matthew Smith
6. Outsider, insider, and imagined tourists: Musical and Cultural Tourism
in the Dominican Republic
Sydney Hutchinson
7. Celebrating Settlement Day in Belize
Oliver Greene
IV. Festivalizing Music Touristics
8. DestiNation: The Festival Gwoka, Tourism, and Anti-Colonialism
Jerome Camal
9. "Jockomo Fee Na Nay!": Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Creole Sensorialities
and the Festivalization of New Orleans' Musical Tourism
Ruthie Meadows
V. On the Music Touristics of Sex and Spirituality
10. Soundtracks of a Tropical Sexscape: Tropicalizing Northeastern Brazil,
Channeling Transnational Desires
Darien Lamen
11. Resorting to Spiritual Tourism: Sacred Spectacle in Afro-Cuban
Regla de Ocha
Katherine J. Hagedorn
Jocelyne Guilbault
Music and tourism, both integral to the culture and livelihood of the circum-Caribbean region, have until recently been approached from disparate disciplinary perspectives. Scholars who specialize in tourism studies typically focus on issues such as economic policy, sustainability, and political implications; music scholars are more likely to concentrate on questions of identity, authenticity, neo-colonialism, and appropriation. Although the insights generated by these paths of scholarship have long been essential to study of the region, Sun, Sea, and Sound turns its attention to the dynamics and interrelationships between tourism and music throughout the region. Editors Timothy Rommen and Daniel T. Neely bring together a group of leading scholars from the fields of ethnomusicology, anthropology, mobility studies, and history to develop and explore a framework - termed music touristics - that considers music in relation to the wide range of tourist experiences that have developed in the region. Over the course of eleven chapters, the authors delve into an array of issues including the ways in which countries such as Jamaica and Cuba have used music to distinguish themselves within the international tourism industry, the tourism surrounding music festivals in Guadeloupe and New Orleans, the intersections between music and sex tourism in Brazil, and spirituality tourism in Cuba. An indispensable resource for the study of music and tourism in global perspective, Sun, Sea, and Sound is essential reading for scholars and students across disciplines interested in the Caribbean region.

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