Sun, Sea, and Sound: Music and Tourism in the Circum-Caribbean

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Timothy Rommen
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Table of Contents ; Preface ; Kenneth Bilby ; Introduction: Theorizing Music Touristics ; Timothy Rommen ; I. Music, Musicians, and the Mass Tourism Market ; 1. Modern Mento: The Emergence of Native Music in Jamaica Tourism ; Daniel Neely ; 2. Selling Cuba by the Sound: Music and Tourism in Cuba in the 1990s ; Vincenzo Perna ; II. Material and Immaterial Patterns of Circulation and Music Touristics ; 3. Cruising Cultures: Post-War Tourism and the Circulation of ; Caribbean Musical Performances ; Mimi Sheller ; 4. "Hello, New York City!": Sonic Tourism in Haitian Rara ; Michael Largey ; III. Sites and Sounds of Intra-regional, Expatriate, and Insider Tourism ; 5. Wanderers of Love: Touring and Tourism in the Jamaica-Haiti Musical ; Circuit of the 1950s. ; Matthew Smith ; 6. Outsider, insider, and imagined tourists: Musical and Cultural Tourism ; in the Dominican Republic ; Sydney Hutchinson ; 7. Celebrating Settlement Day in Belize ; Oliver Greene ; IV. Festivalizing Music Touristics ; 8. DestiNation: The Festival Gwoka, Tourism, and Anti-Colonialism ; Jerome Camal ; 9. "Jockomo Fee Na Nay!": Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Creole Sensorialities ; and the Festivalization of New Orleans' Musical Tourism ; Ruthie Meadows ; V. On the Music Touristics of Sex and Spirituality ; 10. Soundtracks of a Tropical Sexscape: Tropicalizing Northeastern Brazil, ; Channeling Transnational Desires ; Darien Lamen ; 11. Resorting to Spiritual Tourism: Sacred Spectacle in Afro-Cuban ; Regla de Ocha ; Katherine J. Hagedorn ; Afterword ; Jocelyne Guilbault
Studies in both music and tourism are integral to understanding the culture and livelihood of the circum-Caribbean region, but until recently have been approached from separate perspectives. Sun, Sea, and Sound unites these two areas to bring forward a new framework of study- 'music touristics.' Over the course of eleven chapters, a distinguished, multi-disciplinary group of scholars explore a variety of localities, including Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, St.Lucia, and New Orleans.

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