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Country Music Originals

The Legends and the Lost
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Tony Russell
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Notes on Playlists
Eck Robertson
Fiddlin' John Carson
Henry Whitter
Ernest V. Stoneman
Uncle Dave Macon
Vernon Dalhart
Fiddlin' Powers
Charlie Poole
Kelly Harrell
DaCosta Woltz
Uncle Jimmy Thompson
Dr Humphrey Bate
Sam McGee
Gid Tanner
Riley Puckett
Clayton McMichen
Lowe Stokes
Earl Johnson
John Dilleshaw
Georgia Yellow Hammers
South Georgia Highballers
Cofer Brothers
Dock Boggs
Frank Hutchison
Darby & Tarlton
The Carter Family
Jimmie Rodgers
Bridge: The Great Divide
Allen Brothers
Fleming & Townsend
Chris Bouchillon
Ed Haley
Clark Kessinger
Blind Alfred Reed
Roy Harvey
Walter Smith
Asa Martin
Dick Burnett
John D. Foster
Emry Arthur
Alfred G. Karnes
Buell Kazee
Raymond Render
G. B. Grayson
Clarence Ashley
Carolina Tar Heels
Carolina Twins
Red Fox Chasers
Bascom Lamar Lunsford
Leake County Revelers
Narmour & Smith
Hoyt Ming
Dr Smith's Champion Hoss Hair Pullers
Fiddlin' Bob Larkan
Golden Melody Boys
Walter Coon
Jules V. Allen
Powder River Jack Lee
Cartwright Brothers,
Harry "Mac" McClintock
Goebel Reeves
John I. White
Bernard "Slim" Smith
Carson Robison
Frank Luther
Otto Gray & His Oklahoma Cowboys
Bridge: Country Music In Transition
Gene Autry
Jimmie Davis
Cliff Carlisle
Bill Cox
Mac & Bob
Bradley Kincaid
The Girls of the Golden West
Wilf Carter
Hank Snow
Bridge: The Radio Years
Lulu Belle & Scotty
Patsy Montana
Lily May Ledford
J. E. Mainer
Dixon Brothers
Callahan Brothers
Claude Casey
Snuffy Jenkins
Roy Acuff,
"Ramblin' Red" Lowery
Delmore Brothers
Lonnie Glosson
Grandpa Jones
Carl Swanson
Bridge: Western Swing & Honkytonk
Milton Brown
Bob Wills
Light Crust Doughboys
Adolph Hofner
Cliff Bruner
Hank Penny
Bob Skyles
Swift Jewel Cowboys
Johnnie Lee Wills
Ted Daffan
Hoyle Nix
Rex Griffin
Buddy Jones
Al Dexter
Floyd Tillman
Ernest Tubb
Johnny Bond
Red River Dave McEnery
Leo Soileau
Harry Choates
Molly O'Day
Rose Maddox
Index of Names
Index of Songs
Graced by more than 200 illustrations, many of them seldom seen and some never before published, this sparkling volume offers vivid portraits of the men and women who created country music, the artists whose lives and songs formed the rich tradition from which so many others have drawn inspiration. Included here are not only such major figures as Jimmie Rodgers, The Carter Family, Fiddlin' John Carson, Charlie Poole, and Gene Autry, who put country music on America's cultural map, but many fascinating lesser-known figures as well, such as Carson Robison, Otto Gray, Chris Bouchillon, Emry Arthur and dozens more, many of whose stories are told here for the first time. To map some of the winding, untraveled roads that connect today's music to its ancestors, Tony Russell draws upon new research and rare source material, such as contemporary newspaper reports and magazine articles, internet genealogy sites, and his own interviews with the musicians or their families. The result is a lively mix of colorful tales and anecdotes, priceless contemporary accounts of performances, illuminating social and historical context, and well-grounded critical judgment. The illustrations include artist photographs, record labels, song sheets, newspaper clippings, cartoons, and magazine covers, recreating the look and feel of the entire culture of country music. Each essay includes as well a playlist of recommended and currently available recordings for each artist. Finally, the paperback edition now features an extensive index.

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