Street Gang Patterns and Policies

Studies in Crime and Public Po
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PART I; 1. Gang Prevalence, Proliferation, and Migration; 2. Gang Crime Patterns; 3. Six Major Gang Control Programs; PART II; 4. Individual Level Context: Risk Factors for Joining Gangs; 5. Gang Structures and Group Processes; 6. Community Context; PART III; 7. Multiple Goals for Gang Control Programs and Policies; 8. A Model for Policy Choices
Street Gang Patterns and Policies provides a crucial update and critical examination of knowledge about gangs and major gang control programs across the nation. Malcolm Klein and Cheryl Maxson here focus on gang proliferation, migration, and crime patterns, and highlight known risk factorsthat lead to youths joining gangs and to gang formation within communities. Dispelling long-standing assumptions that the public--and the media and law enforcement--have about street gangs, they present a comprehensive overview of how gangs are organized and structured. The authors assess the majorgang programs across the nation, and argue that existing prevention, intervention and suppression methods, targeting individuals, groups, and communities, have been largely ineffective, when evaluated. Klein and Maxson close by offering policy guidelines for practitioners on how to intervene andcontrol gangs more successfully. Filling an important gap in the literature on street gangs and social control, this book will be a must read for criminologists, social workers, policy makers, and criminal justice practitioners.
Autor: Malcolm W. Klein, Cheryl L. Maxson
Malcolm W. Klein is Emeritus Professor at University of Southern California. Winner of the Sutherland, Wolfgang, Tappan and McGee Awards in criminology, he has been consultant to scores of public and private enforcement and social service agencies, and served as expert witness in over one hundred criminal gang cases. Cheryl L. Maxson is Associate Professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at the University of California's Irvine Campus. She has directed research on regional, national and international gang issues and studies juvenile delinquency and violence, street gangs, and juvenile justice policy and programs.

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