The Science and Psychology of Music Performance: Creative Strategies for Teaching and Learning

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PART 1: THE DEVELOPING MUSICIAN; 1. Music Potential; 2. Environmental Influences; 3. Motivation; 4. Performance Anxiety; 5. Brain Mechanisms; 6. Music Medicine; PART 2: SUBSKILLS OF MUSIC PERFORMANCE; 7. From Sound to Sign; 8. Improvisation; 9. Sight-Reading; 10. Practice; 11. Memory; 12. Intonation; 13. Structural Communication; 14. Emotional Communication; 15. Body Movement; PART 3: INSTRUMENTS AND ENSEMBLES; 16. Solo Voice; 17. Choir; 18. Piano; 19. String Instruments; 20. Wind Instruments; 21. Rehearsing and Conducting
Music educators and practicing musicians have failed to benefit as much as they could from the past two decades of music psychology research. In this volume, Parncutt and McPherson propose to improve the situation by describing new approaches, informed by recent psychological research, to teaching music, learning music, and making music at all educational levels. Each chapter represents the collaboration between a music psychologist and a music educator. The articlesbegin by outlining music-psychological issues that are probably unfamiliar to musicians and music educators. Then, they propose teaching strategies and materials inspired by the psychologists' findings. The volume's twenty-one articles cover the broad issues of "the developing musician", "subskills
of musical performance", and "instruments and ensembles".
Editiert von: Richard Parncutt, Gary McPherson
Richard Parncutt is associate professor of systematic musicology at the University of Graz. He is the author of Harmony: A Psychoaccoustical Approach, and many research articles on the perception of harmony, tonality, and rhythm. He is also an internationally experienced pianist and piano teacher. Gary McPherson is associate professor of music education at the University of New South Wales. He has served as treasurer of the International Society for Music Education and national president of the Australian Society for Music Education. As a trumpeter, he has performed with several of Australia's leading ensembles.

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