Honoring God and the City: Music at the Venetian Confraternities, 1260-1806

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PART I: THE SCOLE GRANDI; 1. For the Honor of God: The Origin and Nature of the Scoli Grandi; 2. Gathering Together: Ritual and Ceremony at the Scoli Grandi; 3. Singing for the Souls of Brothers: Musical Beginnings to the early 15th century; 4. Singing Praises to the Lord: The Early Use of Professional Musicians, 1445-1500; 5. The Best in the City: Salaried Musicians; 6. So Super-excellent: Music for the Annual Festa; 7. Only a few appear and often none: The Scole in decline, 1650-1807; PART II: THE SCOLE PICCOLE; 8. Processions, vespers, songs, and organ: The Scole Piccole and Music to 1600; 9. An honorable and necessary work: The Scole Piccole in the 17th century; 10. With jubliant voices; The Final Century of Music at the Scole Piccole, 1700-1807; Conclusions; Appendix I: Processions and Ceremonies of the Scole Grandi; Appendix II: A Calendar of Religious Occasions Celebrated by the Scole; Appendix III: Musicians for the Festa di San Rocco, 1595-1634; Appendix IV: The Venetian Monetary System
Honoring God and the City is a documentary history of musical activities at Venetian lay confraternities from their origins in the thirteenth century to their suppression in the early nineteenth, demonstrating the vital role they played in the cultural life of Venice.
Autor: Jonathan Glixon
Jonathan Glixon is a professor of musicology at the University of Kentucky.

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Autor: Jonathan Glixon
ISBN-13 :: 9780195134896
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