Claiming Diaspora: Music, Transnationalism, and Cultural Politics in Asian/Chinese America

American Musicspheres (Hardcov
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Framed by a century and a half of racialized Chinese American musical experiences, Claiming Diaspora explores the thriving contemporary musical culture of Asian/Chinese America. Ranging from traditional operas to modern instrumental music, from ethnic media networks to popular music, from Asian American jazz to the work of recent avant-garde composers, author Su Zheng reveals the rich and diverse musical activities among Chinese Americans and tells of the struggles of Chinese Americans to gain a foothold in the American cultural terrain. She not only tells their stories, but also examines the dynamics of the diasporic connections of this musical culture, revealing how Chinese American musical activities both reflect and contribute to local, national, and transnational cultural politics, and challenging us to take a fresh look at the increasingly plural and complex nature of American cultural identity.
Autor: Su Zheng
Su Zheng is Associate Professor of Music and East Asian Studies at Wesleyan. She specializes in the music of China, Japan, and Asian America, as well as music and gender.

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Autor: Su Zheng
ISBN-13 :: 9780195134377
ISBN: 0195134370
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.2010
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