Developmental Neuropsychiatry: Volume I: Fundamentals

01, Developmental Neuropsychiatry
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I. BASIC NEURAL SCIENCE; 1. Molecular Neurobiology: The New Genetics; 2. Developmental Neuroanatomy; 3. Developmental Neurotransmitter Systems and Neuronal Signaling Mechanisms; 4. Sleep and Circadian Rhythms; 5. Genetic Aspects of Neuropsychiatry; II. COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE; 6. Attention; 7. Emotion; 8. Language; 9. Memory; 10. Neural Networks; 11. Consciousness; III. THE DEVELOPMENTAL PERSPECTIVE; 12. Ethology; 13. Cognitive Development; 14. Emotion Expression and Regulation; 15. Emergence of the Self; 16. Evolution of Language Development and Representation; 17. Temperament and Personality
Although developmental concepts have held a prominent place in American psychiatry for over fifty years because of the dominance of psychodynamic theory, it is only in recent years that advances in neuroscience have begun to impact developmental psychiatry. James Harris's two volume work ondevelopmental neuropsychiatry sets the agenda for this emerging clinical specialty. Written by an individual with the developmental expertise of a pediatrician, the behavioral sophistication of an adult and child psychiatrist, and a deep appreciation of neuroscience, these two books offer anintegrated yet comprehensive approach to developmental neuropsychiatry. In Volume I, Part I discusses basic neural science, including aspects of molecular neurobiology, developmental neuroanatomy, neurotransmitter systems and neuronal signaling mechanisms, sleep and circadian rhythms, and basic genetics. Part II provides background on cognitive neuroscience that relateto attention, emotion, language, memory, neural networks, and consciousness. Part III emphasizes the developmental perspective which is crucial to an understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders. It offers an ethological framework as well as background information on cognitive development, emotionexpression and regulation, language development, temperament and personality, and the emergence of the self.

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Autor: James C. Harris
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