Is Menstruation Obsolete?

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1 Menstruation in Western Civilisation; 2 Menstruation: The Basis of Therapeutic Bloodletting; 3 Why Women Menstruate; 4 Premenstrual Syndrome; 5 Menstrual Cycle-Related Disorders; 6 Natural Suppression of Menstruation; 7 Medical Suppression of Menstruation; 8 In Support of Menstruation; 9 Absence of Menstruation and Disease; 10 Conclusion.
Stating that women have moved from the age of incessant reproduction to the age of incessant menstruation, the authors maintain that suppressing menstruation can have remarkable health advantages.
Autor: Elsimar M. Coutinho, Sheldon J. Segal
Sheldon Segal is the former Director for Population Sciences at The Rockefeller Foundation. He is a biomedical scientist who has authored over 350 publications in the fields of embryology, endocrinology, contraceptive development,and family planning. A founding director of the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, he continues to serve as a Trustee.

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Autor: Elsimar M. Coutinho
ISBN-13 :: 9780195130218
ISBN: 0195130219
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.1999
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