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Preface; THOMAS HARDY (1840-1928); Hap; Neutral Tones; The Subalterns; The Darkling Thrush; The Man He Killed; Channel Firing; 'I Found Her Out There'; After a Journey; from Satires of Circumstance; II. In Church; VI. In the Cemetery; The Pity of It; In Time of 'the Breaking of Nations'; Snow in the Suburbs; The Harbour Bridge; He Never Expected Much; GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS (1844-1889); God's Grandeur; "As kingfishers catch fire"; The Windhover; Pied Beauty; Spring and Fall; Inversnaid; "I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day"; "No worst, there is none"; [Carrion Comfort]; Spelt from Sibyl's Leaves; That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire and of the comfort of the Resurrection; Justus quidem tu es, Domine; RUDYARD KIPLING (1865-1936); Gunga Din; Sestina of the Tramp-Royal; from Epitaphs of the War; Common Form; A Dead Statesman; WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS (1865-1939); To The Rose upon the Rood of Time; The Lake Isle of Innisfree; Who Goes with Fergus?; The Valley of the Black Pig; September 1913; The Witch; The Peacock; The Dolls; A Coat; The Wild Swans at Coole; Easter 1916; The Second Coming; A Prayer for my Daughter; Sailing to Byzantium; The Tower; Leda and the Swan; Among School Children; Byzantium; Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop; Lapis Lazuli; Under Ben Bulben; The Circus Animals' Desertion; Politics; CHARLOTTE MEW (1869-1928); The Farmer's Bride; Fame; Arracombe Wood; On the Road to the Sea; Monsieur Qui Passe; WALTER DE LA MARE (1873-1956); Miss Loo; The Listeners; The Old Summerhouse; FORD MADOX FORD (1873-1939); The Starling; EDWARD THOMAS (1878-1917); The Other; Adlestrop; The Wasp Trap; A Cat; Rain; HAROLD MONRO (1879-1932); Bitter Sanctuary; MINA LOY (1882-1966); Italian Pictures; from Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose English Rose; Der Blinde Junge; T.E. HULME (1883-1917); Autumn; The Embankment; Conversion; from Fragments; As a Fowl; ANNA WICKHAM (1884-1947); Divorce; Self Analysis; Meditation at Kew; D.H. LAWRENCE (1885-1930); Under the Oak; Pomegranate; Snake; Swan; Willy Wet-Leg; Andraitx.--Pomegranate Flowers; Bavarian Gentians; SIEGFRIED SASSOON (1886-1967); A Working Party; The Rear-Guard; The General; EDITH SITWELL (1887-1964); from Facade; 4. Ass-Face; 6. The Bat; 22. Fox Trot; 37. Sir Beelzebub; The Canticle of the Rose; ELIZABETH DARYUSH (1887-1977); Still-life; "Children of wealth in your warm nursery"; News-reel; EDWIN MUIR (1887-1959); The Old Gods; The Three Mirrors; The Horses; T.S. ELIOT (1888-1965); The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock; Gerontion; The Waste Land; from Four Quartets; Little Gidding; MARY BUTTS (1890-1937); Corfe; ISAAC ROSENBERG (1890-1918); The Jew; Break of Day in the Trenches; Louse Hunting; Dead Man's Dump; IVOR GURNEY (1890-1937); First Time In; La Gorgue; Laventie; The Bare Line of the Hill; The Bohemians; Sea-Marge; HUGH MACDIARMID (1892-1978); from A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle; [Sic Transit Gloria Scotiae]; [The Barren Fig]; [Yank Oot Your Orra Boughs]; On a Raised Beach; from In Memoriam James Joyce; SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER (1893-1978); Nelly Trim; East London Cemetery; King Duffus; Anne Donne; THOMAS MACGREEVY (1893-1967); De Civitate Hominum; The Six Who Were Hanged; Homage to Hieronymus Bosch; WILFRED OWEN (1893-1918); Dulce et Decorum Est; Strange Meeting; Arms and the Boy; Disabled; JOHN RODKER (1894-1955); A Slice of Life; The Music Hall; Hymn to Love; I'd have loved you as you deserved had we been frogs; DAVID JONES (1895-1974); from In Parenthesis; from Part 7: The five unmistakable marks; from The Anathemata; from I: Rite and Fore-Time; III. Angle-Land; A, a, a, Domine Deus; ROBERT GRAVES (1895-1985); Warning to Children; The Legs; To Juan at the Winter Solstice; The White Goddess; NANCY CUNARD (1896-1965); from Parallax; AUSTIN CLARKE (1896-1974); Forget Me Not; F.R. HIGGINS (1896-1941); A Plea; Auction!; BASIL BUNTING (1900-1985); from First Book of Odes; 3. "I am agog for foam"; 8. "Loud intolerant bells"; 15. "Nothing"; 17. "Now that sea's over that island"; 28. "You leave"; 30. "The Orotava Road"; from Briggflatts: I, Coda; from Second Book of Odes; 11. "Boasts time mocks cumber Rome"; 12. "Now we've no hope of going back"; STEVIE SMITH (1902-1971); Souvenir de Monsieur Poop; Not Waving but Drowning; My Hat; The Celts; Pretty; Black March; JOSEPH GORDON MACLEOD (1903-1984); from The Ecliptic; Cancer, or, The Crab; PATRICK KAVANAGH (1904-1967); from The Great Hunger: I, IX; Father Mat; Canal Bank Walk; BRIAN COFFEY (1905-1995); HEADROCK; from Advent: I; WILLIAM EMPSON (1906-1984); Plenum and Vacuum; Villanelle; Reflection from Rochester; Sonnet; SAMUEL BECKETT (1906-1989); Enueg I; Enueg II; Ooftish; W.H. AUDEN (1907-1973); "Bones wrenched, weak whimper, lids wrinkled..."; The Secret Agent; The Watershed; "Consider this and in our time"; A Bride in the 30's; Spain; from Sonnets from China: VI, VII; Musee des Beaux Arts; In Memory of W.B. Yeats; September 1, 1939; In Memory of Sigmund Freud; No Time; At the Grave of Henry James; In Praise of Limestone; from Horae Canonicae: Nones; Ode to Terminus; LOUIS MACNEICE (1907-1963); An Eclogue for Christmas; Valediction; Snow; Carrickfergus; CLERE PARSONS (1908-1931); Corybantic; Photogravure; Different; Interruption; DENIS DEVLIN (1908-1959); Lough Derg; Obstacle Basilisk; LYNETTE ROBERTS (1909-1995); from Gods with Stainless Ears: IV, V; NORMAN MACCAIG (1910-1996); High Street, Edinburgh; Nude in a fountain; Celtic cross; Intrusion; SORLEY MACLEAN/SOMHAIRLE MACGILL-EAIN (1911-1996); The Island; Going Westwards; F.T. PRINCE (B. 1912); Strafford; CHARLES MADGE (1912-1996); Obsessional; Delusions I; Delusions III; Delusions V; Delusions VII; Countries of the Dead II; DYLAN THOMAS (1914-1953); The force that through the green fuse drives the flower; Our eunuch dreams; To-day, this insect; Over Sir John's hill; C.H. SISSON (B. 1914); A Letter to John Donne; The Desert; Au Clair de la Lune; Place; DAVID GASCOYNE (B. 1916); And the Seventh Dream is the Dream of Isis; Baptism; The Rites of Hysteria; The Cubical Domes; NICHOLAS MOORE (1918-1986); Song; Ideas of Disorder at Torquay; Portman Restaurant; Leap Year; W.S. GRAHAM (1918-1986); The Nightfishing; A Note to the Difficult One; Language Ah Now You Have Me; TOM SCOTT (1918-1995); Johnie Raw Prays for His Lords and Maisters; KEITH DOUGLAS (1920-1944); Simplify me when I'm dead; These grasses, ancient enemies; Mersa; Dead Men; Cairo Jag; Aristocrats; Vergissmeinnicht; How to Kill; BOB COBBING (B. 1920); [wan do tree]; [LION LENIN LEONORA]; [ALEVIN BARS CAUSAPSCAL]; PHILIP LARKIN (1922-1985); Church Going; Toads; Nothing To Be Said; Water; The Whitsun Weddings; An Arundel Tomb; High Windows; Going, Going; Homage to a Government; This Be The Verse; The Explosion; DONALD DAVIE (1922-1995); Hearing Russian Spoken; Rejoinder to a Critic; Rodez; Out of East Anglia; A Conditioned Air; Inditing A Good Matter; JAMES BERRY (B. 1924); Letter to My Father from London; From Lucy: Englan a University; IAN HAMILTON FINLAY (B. 1925); Orkney Lyrics; Sea-Poppy I; Sea-Poppy 2; ASA BENVENISTE (1925-1990); First Words; Georgic; Bird Appeal; Blue Crepe; ELIZABETH JENNINGS (B. 1926); Choices; Fountain; On Its Own; CHRISTOPHER MIDDLETON (B. 1926); Hearing Elgar Again; The Prose of Walking Back to China; CHARLES TOMLINSON (B. 1927); Aesthetic; Distinctions; Saving the Appearances; Swimming Chenango Lake; Prometheus; Annunciation; The Plaza; The Garden; THOMAS KINSELLA (B. 1928); Baggot Street Deserta; Ritual of Departure; GAEL TURNBULL (B. 1928); George Fox, from his Journals; from Twenty Words, Twenty Days: XVII-XX; Thighs Gripping; JOHN MONTAGUE (B. 1929); The Trout; A Bright Day; The Cage; This Neutral Realm; The Well Dreams; THOM GUNN (B. 1929); The Unsettled Motorcyclist's Vision of his Death; Confessions of the Life Artist; Moly; Seesaw; A Sketch of the Great Dejection; Lament; ELAINE FEINSTEIN (B. 1930); Marriage; Exile; For Brighton, Old Bawd; TED HUGHES (1930-1998); View of a Pig; Pike; Out; Pibroch; Wodwo; Crow Hears Fate Knock on the Door; from Gaudete; Flounders; ROY FISHER (B. 1930); from City; The Entertainment of War; The Poplars; "Walking through the suburb at night "; From an English Sensibility; from A Furnace; Introit; II. The Return; JON SILKIN (1930-1998); Death of a Son; First it was Singing; Dandelion; A Daisy; A Word about Freedom and Identity in Tel-Aviv; ROSEMARY TONKS (B. 1932); The Sofas, Fogs, and Cinemas; The Little Cardboard Suitcase; The Ice-cream Boom Towns; PETER REDGROVE (B. 1932); Against Death; Young Women with the Hair of Witches and No Modesty; The British Museum Smile; Mothers and Child; GEOFFREY HILL (B. 1932); Genesis; Ovid in the Third Reich; September Song; History as Poetry; from Mercian Hymns: I-XIII, XXVII-XXX; from The Mystery of the Charity of Charles Peguy: 4,5; Respublica; from The Triumph of Love: XXIII, XXV, XXXV, XXXIX-XLIV, LV, LXI-LXIV, CXLVII-CL; FLEUR ADCOCK (B. 1934); Against Coupling; The Ex-Queen Among the Astronomers; Leaving the Tate; TONY HARRISON (B. 1937); v; JOHN RILEY (1937-1978); Czargrad; TOM RAWORTH (B. 1938); Wedding Day; You've Ruined My Evening/You've Ruined My Life; South America; from Logbook: pages 106, 453; from Sentenced to Death; "sentenced he gives a shape"; "curiously the whole thing had begun"; "reversals of performance levels"; from Eternal Sections; "in black tunics, middle-aged"; "brilliance of the orange lily"; "thoughts are in real time"; Out of the Picture; R.F. LANGLEY (B. 1938); Saxon Landings; Man Jack; CARLYLE REEDY (B. 1938); The Slave Ship; E.A. MARKHAM (B. 1939); The Sea; Towards the End of a Century; Grandmotherpoem; The Mother's Tale; JOHN JAMES (B. 1939); Good Old Harry; Inaugural Address; LEE HARWOOD (B. 1939); When the geography was fixed; The Blue Mosque; Salt Water; SEAMUS HEANEY (B. 1939); Bogland; North; Singing School; Oysters; The Toome Road; The Underground; from Station Island: VII, XII; The Mud Vision; PETER RILEY (B. 1940); from Lines on the Liver: 1, 2, 10, 11, 17; from Excavations, Part One; from Book I: Distant Points; "the body in its final commerce"; "folded in river clay"; "carefully dismembered"; from Book 2: This Carol They Began That Hour; "Sing to me"; "Meaning spills"; "Leaving a simple state"; from Book 3: Vacant Thrones; "Ganesa dances"; "'I arrived at a place mute of light'"; DEREK MAHON (B. 1941); The Snow Party; A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford; Courtyards in Delft; A Garage in Co. Cork; ANDREW CROZIER (B. 1943); The Veil Poem; TOM LEONARD (B. 1944); Six Glasgow Poems; A Priest Came on at Merkland Street; CRAIG RAINE (B. 1944); An Enquiry into Two Inches of Ivory; A Martian Sends a Postcard Home; EAVAN BOLAND (B. 1944); The Woman Turns Herself into a Fish; Listen. This is the Noise of Myth; from Outside History; 9: In Exile; ALLEN FISHER (B. 1944); from four novels; 1. African Mission; defamiliarising *: 38; Mummers' Strut; TOM PICKARD (B. 1946); A History Lesson from My Son on Hadrian's Wall; Energy; The Double D Economy; PETER READING (B. 1946); from Stet; Thucydidean; VERONICA FORREST-THOMSON (1947-1975); Cordelia: or, 'A Poem Should Not Mean, But Be'; LIZ LOCHHEAD (B. 1947); Mirror's Song; Bagpipe Muzak, Glasgow 1990; TREVOR JOYCE (B. 1947); The Turlough; Cry Help; Tohu-bohu; DENISE RILEY (B. 1948); Affections must not; Lure, 1963; When it's time to go; Pastoral; Wherever you are, be somewhere else; Knowing in the real world; BARRY MACSWEENEY (B. 1948-2000); from Hellhound Memos; BILL GRIFFITHS (B. 1948); Reekie; BRIAN CATLING (B. 1948); The Stumbling Block its Index; ALAN HALSEY (B. 1949); Answering a New Year Letter, 1989; Self-Portrait in a '90s Bestiary; An Essay on Translation; GRACE NICHOLS (B. 1950); The Fat Black Woman Remembers; The Fat Black Woman Versus Politics; Shanking Englishmen Between Trains; Long-Man; MEDBH MCGUCKIAN (B. 1950); Tulips; The Seed-Picture; Slips; Aviary; The War Ending; The Albert Chain; TONY LOPEZ (B. 1950); Brought Forward; MAGGIE O'SULLIVAN (B. 1951); Starlings; Garb; Hill Figures; PAUL MULDOON (B. 1951); Quoof; Meeting the British; Incantata; FRANK KUPPNER (B. 1951); Eclipsing Binaries; GERALDINE MONK (B. 1952); La Quinta del Sordo; Where?; LINTON KWESI JOHNSON (B. 1952); Mi Revalueshanary Fren; MAURICE SCULLY (B. 1952); from Steps; Fire; JOHN WILKINSON (B. 1953); from Sarn Helen; "bayonetted"; "snap crackle & pop"; "You've got some lip"; JO SHAPCOTT (B. 1953); Phrase Book; The Mad Cow in Love; Mad Cow Dance; MONIZA ALVI (B. 1954); And If; The Wedding; Grand Hotel; CAROL ANN DUFFY (B. 1955); Standing Female Nude; And How Are We Today?; Psychopath; Translating the English, 1989; Poet for Our Times; CRIS CREEK (B. 1955); 'stranger'; ROBERT SHEPPARD (B. 1955); The Materialization of Soap 1947; Internal Exile I; DAVID DABYDEEN (B. 1955); Coolie Odyssey; from Turner: I, II, XVIII, XX, XXIV, XXV; RANDOLPH HEALY (B. 1956); Colonies of Belief; from Arbor Vitae: I; JEAN "BINTA" BREEZE (B. 1957); Riddym Ravings (The Mad Woman's Poem); Cherry Tree Garden; BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH (B. 1958); Money; The SUN; JACKIE KAY (B. 1961); from The Adoption Papers; Chapter 7: Black Bottom; W.N. HERBERT (B. 1961); The Anxiety of Information; The Postcards of Scotland; CAROLINE BERGVALL (B. 1962); Les jets de le Poupee; DREW MILNE (B. 1964); A Garden of Tears; CATHERINE WALSH (B. 1964); from Pitch: Part Three; HELEN MACDONALD (B. 1970); Taxonomy; BLACKBIRD/JACKDAW/TURDUS/CORVUS/MERULA/ MONEDULA; Section VIII; Poem; Index
Anthology of Twentieth Century British and Irish Poetry is a college textbook for courses in modern British poetry and modern poetry.

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Autor: Keith Tuma
ISBN-13 :: 9780195128949
ISBN: 019512894X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.2001
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Sprache: Englisch
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