The Worst Enemy of Science?: Essays in Memory of Paul Feyerabend

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Introduction; 1. Paul K. Feyerabend: An Obituary; 2. Time Well Spent: On Paul Feyerabend's Autobiography; 3. Sola Experientia?--Feyerabend's Refutation of Classical Empiricism; 4. Proliferation: Is It a Good Thing?; 5. Feyerabend Among Popperians, 1948-1978; 6. A Rehabilitation of Paul Feyerabend; 7. Science as Supermarket: Post Modern Themes in Paul Feyerabend's Later Philosophy of Science; 10. Two Concepts of Political Tolerance; 11. To Transform the Phenomena: Feyerabend, Proliferation, and Recurrent Neural Networks; 12. Paul K. Feyerabend: Last Interview
This stimulating collection is devoted to the life and work of the most flamboyant of twentieth-century philosophers, Paul Feyerabend. Feyerabend's radical epistemological claims, and his stunning argument that there is no such thing as scientific method, were highly influential during his life and have only gained attention since his death in 1994. The essays that make up this volume, written by some of today's most respected philosophers of science, many of whom knew Feyerabend as students and colleagues, cover the diverse themes in his extensive body of work and present a personal account of this fascinating thinker.

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Autor: John Preston
ISBN-13 :: 9780195128741
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