Grow Long, Blessed Night: Love Poems from Classical India

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Acknowledgments; 1. INTRODUCTION; The Comparative Problem; The Tamil Corpus; The Sanskrit Corpus; Prakrit Gathas; Commonalities; Divergences; Aesthetic Response; 2. Reading "North" and "South": Issues of Comparative Reading and the Classical Poetry of South Asia; Rasa; Rasa and the Meyppattiyal; Tinai; Issues of Comparative Reading; Dhvani; 3. Reading Tamil Cankam Poetry; Akam and Puram; Tinai and the Psychology of Place; U. Ve. Caminataiyar and the Birth of the Modern Tamil Commentary; 4. Reading the Sanskrit Amarusataka; Desire in Interpretation; 5. Reading the Prakit Gathas; Formal Structures and the Problem of Meaning; Categories of Interpretation; Inventing Contexts for Maharastri Gathas; 6. Conclusion; Space, Movement, and Feminine Sexuality; In Search of Masculine Sexuality; 7. YOUNG WOMEN SPEAK TO THEIR FEMALE FRIENDS; 8. The Advice of Older Women to Their Young Friends; 9. Friends Carry Messages to the Lovers; 10. Young Men Speak to Their Male Friends; 11. Young Men Speak to Their Lovers; 12. Women Speak to Their Lovers; 13. The Lovers Muse to Themselves; 14. The Voices of Mothers and Foster Mothers; 15. Wives Address Their Philandering Husbands; 16. Wives Speak to Their Husbands' Messengers and to Their Friends; 17. Wives'Friends Speak to Husbands' Messengers (and to the Husbands Themselves); 18. The Voices of Other Women; Notes; Bibliography; Index
This book presents new English translations of 150 erotic poems composed in India's three classical languages: Old Tamil, Maharastri Prakit, and Sanskrit. The poems are derived from large anthological collections that date from as early as the first centruy CE to as late as the eight century. In Martha Selby's masterful translations, the poems both stand on their own as poems in English and maintain the flavours of the original verses as reflected in idiom andstructure. The poems are grouped according to themes, and annotated whenever a brief gloss is necessary. The book begins with several scholarly essays on the poems and how to read them, their origin, and the languages in which they were composed. This is followed by the poems themselves.
Autor: Selby
ワbersetzung von: Martha Ann Selby
Martha Ann Selby is Assistant Professor of South Asian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Autor: Selby
ISBN-13 :: 9780195127348
ISBN: 019512734X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.2000
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Sprache: Englisch
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