Hypochondriasis: Modern Perspectives on an Ancient Malady

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Part I Clinical and Diagnostic Considerations:1 Hypochondriasis; 2 Clinical Features and Diagnosis of Hypochondriasis; 3 Assessment of Hypochondriasis; 4 Hypochondriasis and Anxiety Disorders; 5 Hypochondriasis and Personality Disturbance; 6 Epidemiolgy of Hypochondriasis; 7 Hypochondriasis in Primary Care; Part II Theoretical and Etiological Aspects: 8 Psychodynamic Perspectives on Hypochondriasis; 9 Meaning, Misinterpretations and Medicine; 10 Somatosensory Amplification and Hyperchondriasis; 11 Hypochondriasis, Abnormal Illness Behavior and Social Context; Part III Treatment Considerations: 12 The Patient-Physician Relationship in the Treatment of Hypochondriasis; 13 Reassurance in the treatment of Hypochondriasis; 14 Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Hypochondriasis; 15 Pharmacologic Strategies for Hypochondriasis; Epilogue
Hypochondriasis is an ancient term, evoking much controversy. This is reflected in sharp disagreements about conceptualization of hypochondriasis and its etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment. Written by world experts and from different perspectives, this volume fills the need for a modern, balanced, in-depth and integrative overview of hypochondriasis as a mental disorder with diverse manifestations. The book is state-of-the-art on the topic and is mainly intendedbor both practising clinicians and researchers.

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Autor: Vladan Starcevic
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