Coral Reefs of the Indian Ocean: Their Ecology and Conservation

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Section I: Coral Reefs and Conservation in the Western Indian Ocean: an Overview; 1 Coral Reefs of the Western Indian Ocean: An Overview: C.R.C.Sheppard: ; 2 Coral Reef Use and Conservation: T.R. McClanahan: ; Section II: Country Profiles; 3 South African Coral Communities: M.H. Schleyer: ; 4 Coral Reefs of Mozambique: M.J. Rodrigues, H. Motta, M.W. Whittington & M. Schleyer: ; 5 Southern Tanzania: W.R.T. Darwall & M. Guard: ; 6 Northern Tanzania, Zanzibar and Pemba: J.C. Horrill, A.T. Kamukuru, Y.D. Mgaya & M. Risk: ; 7 Kenya: D.O. Obura, N.A. Muthiga & M. Watson: ; 8 The Red Sea: D. Medio, C.R.C. Sheppard & J. Gasgoine: ; 9 Reefs and Coral Communities of the Arabian Gulf and Arabian Sea: C.R.C Sheppard, S.C. Wilson, R.V. Salm & D. Dixon: ; 10 India and Sri Lanka: G. Bakus, R. Arthur, S.U.K. Ekaraine & S.S. Jinendradasa: ; 11 The Maldives: A Nation of Atolls: M.J. Risk & R. Sluka: ; 12 The Mascarene Islands: O. Naim, P. Cuet & V. Mangar: ; 13 The Seychelles: S. Jennings, S. Marshall, P. Cuet & O. Naim: ; 14 The Coral Reefs of Madagascar: C. Gabrie, P. Vasseur, H. Randriamiarana, J. Maharavo & E. Mara: ; 15 The Chagos Archipelagos: C.R.C. Sheppard: ; Section III: Coral Reefs and Management; 16 Management: Status and Case Studies: N. Muthiga, S. Riedmiller, R. van der Elst, J. Mann-Lang, C. Horrill & T. R. McClanahan.
Accessible and complex, coral reefs are ideal natural laboratories for studying a wide range of ecological and biological questions. This collection focuses on the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, which contain some of the most spectacular reefs found anywhere and which are relatively little studied. It will appeal to a broad range of researchers in ecology and will be an essential resource for anyone studying reefs.

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