Footprints in the Jungle: Natural Resource Industries, Infrastructure, and Biodiversity Conservation

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Introduction; SECTION I: CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE 21ST CENTURY TROPICS; 1. Biodiversity Conservation: Global Priorities, Trends and the Outlook for the Future; 2. Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure Development; 3. Partner or Pariah: Public Perceptions and Responses to the Extractive Industries; 4. Corporate Strategies for Environmental Management; SECTION II: OIL AND GAS EXPLORATION AND EXTRACTION MEET CONSERVATION; 5. Reinventing the Well: Approaches to Minimizing the Environmental and Social Impact of Oil Development in the Tropics; 6. An Industry Perspective on Environment and Social Issues in Oil and Gas Development: Case Studies from Indonesia and Ecuador; 7. Monitoring Impacts of Hydrocarbon Exploration in Sensitive Terrestrial Ecosystems: Perspectives from Block 78, Peru; SECTION III: FOREST UNDER PRESSURE; 8. Trade, Transnationals, and Tropical Deforestation; 9. Aracruz Cellulose: A Case History; 10. Stewardship of Mexico's Community Forests: Expanding Market and Policy Opportunities for the Environment and Rural Development; 11. Options for Conserving Biodiversity in the Context of Logging in Tropical Forests; SECTION IV: MINING AND CONSERVATION ISSUES; 12. Biodiversity Conservation, Minerals Extraction, and Development: Towards a Realistic Partnership; 13. Mining Industries: Responses to Environmental and Social Issues; 14. Evolution of Environmental Practice During Exploration at the Camp Caiman Gold Project, French Guiana; 15. Conservation and Concession Contracts: Environmental Issues in Mineral Extraction Agreements; SECTION V. INFRASTRUCTURE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT; 16. Rethinking Infrastructure: Approaches to Managing Development on the National and Continental Scale to Reduce Conservation Impacts; 17. Environmental and Social Considerations in Development of the Greater Mekong Subregion's Road Network; 19. Condor: Better Decision Making on Infrastructure Projects; SECTION VI: CONCLUSIONS; Leaving More than Footprints: The New Corporate Responsibility
This volume looks at new approaches that lessen the impact of development on tropical forests. It collects numerous case studies by project managers, advocates, and researchers from major international companies, development agencies, universities, and non-governmental organizations. It also examines the environmental and social impact of resource development, proposes a rigorous "best practices" approach, and analyzes a number of challenging technical, environmental, social, and legal issues.
Autor: Ian A. Bowles, Lan A. Bowles
Editiert von: Glenn T. Prickett
Ian Bowles is the Director of Environmental Affairs for the National Security Council and Associate Director for International Policy, COuncil on Environmental Quality. His research focuses on the role of development agencies and the private sector in biodiversity conservation. He also served as a legislative assistant on international and environmental issues.Glenn T. Prickett is Senior Vice President for Environmental Leadership in Business at Conservation International, where he develops strategic partnerships to promote conservation with major international corporations in a wide range of fields. He has also served as Chief Environmental Advisor at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

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Autor: Ian A. Bowles
ISBN-13 :: 9780195125788
ISBN: 0195125789
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