Portuguese Syntax: New Comparative Studies

Oxford Studies in Comparative
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Joao Costa, introduction; Manuela Ambar, infinitives vs. participles; Pilar Barbosa, clitics - a window into the null subject property; Joao Costa, word order and discourse configurationality in European Portuguese; Ines Duarte & Gabriela Matos, romance clitics and the minimalist programme; Charlotte Galves, agreement, predication, and pronouns in the history of Portuguese; Ana Maria Martins, a minimalist approach to clitic climbing; Sergio Menuzzi, 1st person plural anaphora in Brazilian Portuguese - chains and constraint interaction in binding; Gertjan Postma, distributive universal quantification and aspect in Brazilian Portuguese; clitic positions and verb movement, Eduardo Raposo.
This volume is a collection of previously unpublished articles focusing on the following aspects of Portuguese syntax: clause structure, clitic placement, word order variation, pronominal system, verb movement, quantification, and distribution of particles. The articles are written within the principles and parameters framework and contrast Portuguese with other Romance languages.
Editiert von: Joao Costa, Jo?o Costa, Jo O. Costa
Joao Costa is Assistant Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

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