Marketing Strategy and Uncertainty

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Foreword; Preface; PART 1. STRATEGIC PRICING IN A DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT; 1. Basic Pricing Concepts; 2. Market Share and Strategic Pricin; 3. Cost Dynamics; 4. Demand Dynamics; 5. Cost and Demand Dynamics; 6. Model Extensions; 7. Conluding Remarks; Appendix A Comparison of Strategic and Myopic Pricing Plans in the Presence of Experience Effects; Appendix B Comparison of Strategic and Myopic Pricing Plans in the Presence of Demand Dynamics; Appendix C Comparison of Strategic and Myopic Pricing Plans: Cost Dynamics and Demand Dynamics; PART 2. PRICING UNDER UNDERCERTAINTY AND HETEREOGENEITY; 1. Pricing under Uncertainty: Break-even Pricing; 2. Pricing under Uncertainty: Some Refinements; 3. Pricing under Uncertainty: The Multiperiod Case; 4. Bundling; 5. Pricing using Coupons: A One-period model; 6. Pricing using Coupons: A Multiperiod model; 7. Price Skimming; 8. Concluding Remarks; PART 3. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: A THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVE; 1. A Lancasterian Model: Homogeneous Perceptions; 2. The Lancasterian Model: Some Refinements; 3. Prospect Theory and a Hybrid Model of Consumer Behavior; 4. The Effect of Uncertainty; 5. Concluding Remarks; PART 4. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: AN EMPIRICAL PERSPECTIVE; 1. Limited Information; 2. Conjoint Analysis: Basic Methoddology; 3. Conjoint Analysis: A Review and Some Refinements; 4. Conjoint Analysis: A Behavioral Perspective; 5. The Measurement of Perceptions; 6. An Integrated Preference Model; 7. Concluding Remarks; PART 5. CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION; 1. The Manufacturer-Distribution Channel; 2. Channel Heterogenity; 3. New Product Introduction: A Single-Period Model; 4. New Product Introduction: A Multiperiod Model; 5. Concluding Remarks; PART 6. ADVERTISING BUDGETING IN A COMPETITIVE AND UNCERTAIN ENVIRONMENT; 1. Choosing Advertising Budgets Under Uncertainty; 2. Choosing Price and Advertising Under Certainty; 3. Choosing Price and Advertising Under Uncertainty: The Single-Period Case; 4. Choosing Price and Advertising Under Uncertainty: The Multiperiod Case; 5. Choosing Advertising Policy Under Uncertainty: The Multiproduct Case; 6. A Duopoly Model of Advertising Under Uncertainty; 7. Determining Advertising Productivity: Empirical Issues; 8. The Advertising Timing Decision: Pulsing; 9. A Multiproduct Advertising Goodwill Model Under Uncertainty; 10. Concluding Remarks; PART 7. MEDIA PLANNING IN A DYNAMIC AND UNCERTAIN ENVIRONMENT; 1. The Media Massage Decision; 2. The Media Mix Decision; 3. Uncertainty in Advertising Rates; 4. Concluding Remarks; PART 8. THE PERSONAL SELLING DECISION IN A DYANMIC AND UNCERTAIN ENVIRONMENT; 1. The Certainty Case; 2. The Uncertainty Case: Basic Model; 3. The Uncertainty Modle: Single-Period Extensions; 4. The Hierarchy Problem in a Multiproduct Firm; 5. Model Extentions: Multiperiod Effects; 6. Satisfaction-Based Compensation Contracts; 7. Sales Force Selection; 8. Sales Force Training; 9. The Sales Force Turnover Problem; 10. Measuring Ability and Rewarding Performance; 11. Model Extensions and Refinements; 12. Concluding Remarks; PART 9. CHOOSING DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL MARKETING STRATEGY IN AN UNCERTAIN ENVIRONMENT; 1. Domestic Marketing Strategy; 2. International Marketing Strategy; PART 10. CONCLUSION
This book develops a unique valuation approach to marketing and focuses on fundamental and currently neglected strategic problems. The book uses both the economic and finance paradigms to develop analytical models which can be empirically implemented while allowing for such elusive problems as the unobservability of consumer decision processes, uncertain consumer perceptions, economies of scope, and the endemic problem of measurement error.

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