Public Vision, Private Lives: Rousseau, Religion, and 21st-Century Democracy

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Introduction; PART I: FROM THE GARDEN TO THE CITY: THE TRAGIC PASSAGE; 1. Nature's Garden; 2. Revisiting the Garden's Solitaires; 3. From the Garden to the Blessed Country: The Precarious Passage; 4. The Rush to Slavery; 5. The City: Life in the Ousted Condition; 6. Overcoming Moral Evil: Rousseau at the Crossroads; PART II: PATHS TO REDEMPTION; 7. Reforming the City: The Extreme Public Path; 8. Evading the City: The Private Path; 9. The Mountain Village: The Path to Family, Work, Community, and Love; 10. Reconciling Citizen and Solitaire: Religious Dimensions of the Middle Way; 11. Residual Conflict: Democracy and the Ineluctable Friction; Conclusion: A Way Forward: Rousseau and 21st-Century Democracy
Listening closely to the religious pitch in Rousseau's voice, Cladis convincingly shows that Rousseau, when attempting to portray the most characteristic aspects of the public and private, reached for a religious vocabulary. Honoring both love of self and love of that which is larger than the self--these twin poles, with all the tension between them--mark Rousseau's work, vision and challenge--the challenge of 21st-century democracy.

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Autor: Mark S. Cladis
ISBN-13 :: 9780195125542
ISBN: 0195125541
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2003
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