Primary Care

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Preface; I. PRIMARY CARE AND HEALTH; 1. Primary Care and its Relationship to Health; 2. A Framework for Measuring Primary Care; 3. Morbidity in Primary Care; II. PRIMARY CARE PRACTICE; 4. Describing Primary Care; 5. Primary Care, Subspecialists, and Non-Physician Practitioners; 6. Primary Care in the Context of Health Systems; III. ACCOUNTABILITY IN PRIMARY CARE; 7. Accessibility and First-contact Use: The "Gate"; 8. Patient Person-Focused Care Over Time; 9. Practitioner-Patient Interactions; 10. Comprehensiveness of Care: Who Should Provide What; 11. Coordination of Care: Putting it All Together; IV. PATIENTS AND POPULATIONS; 12. Quality of Primary Care: A Clinical View; 13. Evaluation of Primary Care: A Population View; 14. Public health and Community-Oriented Primary Care; V. HEALTH POLICY AND PRIMARY CARE; 15. Primary Care Systems in Western Industrialized Nations; 16. Information Systems for Primary Care; 17. Primary Care Research Needs; 18. Health Policies to Achieve Effectiveness and Equity; Epilogue; Appendix: Primary Care Assessment Tool
In Primary Care: Balancing Health Needs, Services, and Technology, Barbara Starfield presents evidence of the positive impact of primary care on the health of populations and provides innovative methods to evaluate the attainment and contribution primary care systems and practitioners. This volume is a valuable extension of the author's 1992 book on primary care, underscoring two additional areas: the role of primary care in facilitating equity in health services, and the emerging overlap between clinical medicine and public health. As primary care increasingly informs health care decision-making throughout the world, this updated edition is critical for the future trajectory of health policy.

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