The Philosophical Challenge of Religious Diversity

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Introduction The Philosophical Challenge of Religious Diversity; 1. Of Miracles; 2. No Other Way: A Middle Knowledge Perspective on the Exclusivity of Salvation through Christ; 3. Religious Pluralism and Salvation; 4. The Philosophy of Religious Pluralism: A Critical Appraisal of Hick and His Critics; 5. A Contemplation of Absolutes; 6. Truth and the Diversity of Religion; 7. Religious Pluralism and the Divine: Another Look at John Hick's Neo-Kantian Proposal; 8. Polytheism; 9. Hick's Pluralism and "Reformed Epistemology": A Middle Ground; 10. Pluralism: A Defense of Religious Exclusivism; 11. Religious Diversity and Perceptual Knowledge of God; 12. Religious Experience and Religious Diversity: A Reply to Alston; 13. Religious Experience and Religious Pluralism; 14. Towards Thinner Theologies: Hick and Alston on Religious Diversity
This volume collects some of the best recent work on the philosophical challenge of religious diversity to religious belief by authors from the disciplines of philsosphy, religious studies, and theology. Among the positions represented in the collection are religious skepticism, exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism. In the introduction, the editors suggest connections among the essays and report on other back and forth exchanges among some of the authors in therecent literature.

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Autor: Philip L. Quinn
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