A Historical Guide to Walt Whitman

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Introduction; Capsule Biography; Lucifer and Ethiopia: Whitman, Race, and Poetics before and after the Civil War; The Political Roots of the First Leaves of Grass; Whitman's "Calamus": A Rhetorical Prehistory of the Gay American Ethos; Whitman and the Visual Arts; To Be Free and Rule: Whitman on the Razor's Edge; Bibliographical Essay; Dual Chronology
Few authors are so well suited to historical study as Whitman, who is widely considered America's greatest poet. This Guide combines contemporary cultural studies and historical scholarship to illuminate Whitman's diverse contexts. The essays explore dimensions of Whitman's dynamic relationship to working-class politics, race and slavery, sexual mores, the visual arts, and the idea of democracy. The poet who emerges from this volume is no "solitary singer," distanced from his culture, but what he himself called "the age transfigured," fully enmeshed in his times and addressing issues that are still vital today.
Editiert von: David S. Reynolds
David S. Reynolds is Distinguished Professor of American Literature at Baruch College in New York. His publications include Walt Whitman's America: A Cultural Biography (1995).

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