Princeton in the Nation's Service: Religious Ideals and Educational Practice, 1868-1928

Religion in America
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This book argues against the conventional idea that Protestantism effectively ceased to play an important role in American higher education around the end of the 19th century. Employing Princeton as an example, the study shows that Protestantism was not abandoned but rather modified to conform to the educational values and intellectual standards of the modern university. Drawing upon a wealth of neglected primary sources, Kemeny sheds new light on the role of religion in higher education by examining what was happening both inside and outside the classroom, and by illustrating that religious and secular commitments were not neatly divisible but rather commingled.
Autor: Paul Charles Kemeny
P.C. Kemeny is Assistant Professor of Religion and Humanities at Grove City College in Pennsylvania.

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Autor: Paul Charles Kemeny
ISBN-13 :: 9780195120714
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