Japanese Multinationals in Asia: Regional Operations in Comparative Perspective

Japan Business & Economics
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List of Contributors; List of Figures; List of Tables; Preface; I. FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) FLOWS; 1. The Origins and Evolution of Japanese Direct Investment in East Asia; 2. Asia and the Global Operations of Multinational Corporations; II. FDI AND TRADE FLOWS; 3. Foreign Direct Investment Abroad and Manufacturing Trade: Empirical Results Based on Japanese and U.S. Data; 4. Do Multinationals Shift Production in Response to Exchange Rate Changes? Do Their Responses Vary by Nationality?; III. FDI AND TECHNOLOGY FLOWS; 5. Intra-Firm Technology Transfer by Japanese Firms in East Asia; 6. Does Japanese Management Travel in Asia? Managerial Technology Transfer at Japanese Multinationals in Thailand; IV. FDI-RELATED PRODUCTION NETWORKS: COMBINING FOREIGN INVESTMENT, TRADE, AND TECHNOLOGY FLOWS; 7. Left for Dead: Asian Production Networks and the Revival of US Electronics; 8. The Internal Economies of Japanese Networks in Asia; V. HOST- AND HOME-COUNTRY EFFECTS; 9. Japanese and U.S. Subsidiaries in East Asia: Host-Economy Effects; 10. Is Japan Hollowing Out?; VI. CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS; 11. Japanese Multinationals in Comparative Perspective: Implications for Corporate Strategy and Government Policy Across the Pacific Basin; Index
This collection explores the expansion of Japanese multinational firms into Asia, a process which paralleled the region's growth as a major economic region. The contributors discuss a wide range of topics, including the reasons for moving manufacturing to other countries, the flow of trade between Japan and these countries, technology transfer within firms, the impact of Japanese management practices in other Asian countries, and competition between Japanese and American firms in Asia.

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