A Close Shave: Student's Book

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Nick Park
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The video is supported by a Student's Book and a Teacher's Book.
EPISODE 1: THE UNINVITED GUEST; Grammar; Past simple: regular verbs; Present perfect; Something has eaten it!; I, me, my; is / has / 's possessive; can / can't ; Transfer; Breakfast; Meals; What did you have?; What have you eaten?; Vocabulary; Window cleaning equipment; clothes; a bowl of ... / a pair of ... / a cup of ..., etc; signs; EPISODE 2: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT; Grammar; Question words; Past simple: irregular verbs; Present perfect: yet; do / did / done; Present continuous (review); whose? / 's possessive; you / yours; looks + adjective ; Transfer; Names, introductions; What do you like doing in your free time?; like + ing form; Starting a conversation by asking questions; Vocabulary; Furniture; wordplay; boy, lad, chuck, etc; things you can knit: clothes; EPISODE 3: THE KNIT-O-MATIC; Grammar; going to do / doing / done; Past participles; Present continuous future; going to future; Imperatives; too (= also) / too (late); much / many; Suggestions: Let's ..; Transfer; going to for future; Suggestions; Have you (done this) yet?; When did you do it?; When are you going to do it?; Vocabulary; Sheep; adjectives ending in -ous; wordplay; invent / inventor/ invention; action verbs in Past simple (1); EPISODE 4: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT; Grammar; Imperatives (cont.); Past continuous; when; will have to for obligation; someone, nothing; Two-word verbs; Past and past participles; so (degree, conclusion); Transfer; Past continuous: What were you doing at 9 p.m.?; Vocabulary; In prison; compound nouns; wordplay; in the country; EPISODE 5: NO ESCAPE; Grammar; Adverbs of movement; Prepositions; Past tense of regular verbs; 'll future for offers of help; Comparative adverbs with: any; drop two thousand feet v. a thousand-foot drop; Transfer; Find the sheep (adverbs of movement, Present continuous); Offers of help; any faster, etc; Vocabulary; The plane; in the factory; opposites; road signs; action verbs in Past simple (2); EPISODE 6: GROMIT TO THE RESCUE; Grammar; Sequence words in Past simple; More past tense verbs; Why don't you ..; looks nasty / happy, etc; (It is) made of (wool); Adverbs: faster, harder, closer; start doing; Transfer; Survey; What's your favourite?; Opinions: likes and dislikes; best, funniest; Vocabulary; Machinery; action verbs (3); present / past / future
The full-color Student Book features stills from the video and related language exercises.

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