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Human: Solving the global workforce crisis in healthcare

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Mark Britnell
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By 2030, the world will be short of approximately 15 million health workers - a fifth of the workforce needed to keep healthcare systems going. Global healthcare leader and award-winning author, Dr Mark Britnell, uses his unique insights from advising governments, executives, and clinicians in more than 70 countries, to present solutions to this impending crisis.

Human: Solving the Global Workforce Crisis in Healthcare, calls for a reframing of the global debate about health and national wealth, and invites us to deal with this problem in new and adaptive ways that drive economic and human prosperity. Harnessing technology, it asks us to reimagine new models of care and levels of workforce agility.

Drawing on experiences ranging from the world's most advanced hospitals to revolutionary new approaches in India and Africa, Dr Mark Britnell makes it clear what works - and what does not. Short and concise, this book gives a truly global perspective on the fundamental workforce issues facing health systems today.
1 Introduction: A workforce solution is within our grasp; 2 Productivity - health and wealth; 3 India - the march of Modicare; 4 Israel - start-up nation; 5 Entrepreneurial government - from under to over supply; 6 China - growth and social cohesion; 7 Patients as partners and communities as carers - renewable energy; 8 The Netherlands - Zorg in de gemeenschap; 9 Germany - happy families?; 10 The professions - on top of their game?; 11 Loving your staff - bring joy to work; 12 Women's work? Altogether now; 13 Australia - golden soil and wealth for toil; 14 The United Kingdom - the age of austerity; 15 Artificial intelligence, robotics and digital disruption - rise of the humans?; 16 Japan - centenarians and robots; 17 The United States of America - disunited states; 18 Universal healthcare in our lifetime? All teach, all learn; 19 Brazil - power to the people; 20 Conclusion - why some rabbits outrun foxes

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