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Gothic Tales

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Arthur Conan Doyle
Oxford World's Classics
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'There was a rumour, too, that he was a devil-worshipper, or something of that sort, and also that he had the evil eye...'

Arthur Conan Doyle was the greatest genre writer Britain has ever produced. Throughout a long writing career, he drew on his own medical background, his travels, and his increasing interest in spiritualism and the occult to produce a spectacular array of Gothic Tales. Many of Doyle's writings are recognised as the very greatest tales of terror. They range from hauntings in the polar wasteland to evil surgeons and malevolent jungle landscapes.

This collection brings together over thirty of Conan Doyle's best Gothic Tales. Darryl Jones's introduction discusses the contradictions in Conan Doyle's very public life - as a medical doctor who became obsessed with the spirit world, or a British imperialist drawn to support Irish Home Rule - and shows the ways in which these found articulation in that most anxious of all literary forms, the Gothic.
Introduction; Note on the Text; Select Bibliography; Chronology; The American's Tale; The Captain of the 'PoleStar'; The Winning Shot; J. Habakuk Jephson's Statement; John Barrington Cowles; Uncle Jeremy's Household; The Ring of Thoth; The Surgeon of Gaster Fell; A Pastoral Horror; 'De Profundis'; Lot No. 249; The Los Amigos Fiasco; The Case of Lady Sannox; The Lord of Chateau Noir; The Third Generation; The Striped Chest; The Fiend of the Cooperage; The Beetle-Hunter; The Sealed Room; The Brazilian Cat; The New Catacomb; The Retirement of Signor Lambert; The Brown Hand; Playing with Fire; The Leather Funnel; The Pot of Caviare; The Silver Mirror; The Terror of Blue John Gap; Through the Veil; How it Happened; The Horror of the Heights; The Bully of Brocas Court; The Nightmare Room; The Lift; Explanatory Notes

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