Biblical Interpretation

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Robert Morgan
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Modern critical study of the Bible in the West has made a deep impact on the fabric on Christian belief. This book explains what interpretation is and what special issues arise in biblical interpretation. It analyses the development of literary and historical criticism and more recent social-scientific and literary approaches, by focusing on the key figures from Reimarus to Gerd Theissen, and exposes the underlying theological issues. There emerges a pattern in therelationship between religious interests in these texts and the rational methods used to interpret them, providing guidance for a theologically sensitive use of the Bible today. An annotated index provides detailed information on some 250 biblical scholars and other interpreters.
Part 1 Interpretation and biblical interpretation: what is interpretation?; the aims of interpreters; biblical interpretation and biblical scholarship; the concordat in modern theology; prospects. Part 2 Criticism and the death of scripture: history, myth and theology - D.F. Strauss; rational criticism of Christianity - H.S. Reimarus; the English Church - Bishop Colenso. Part 3 History and the growth of knowledge: Strauss, Baur and beyond; historical scholarship and theological interpretation; Wellhausen and the Old Testament; liberal Protestantism and beyond. Part 4 History of religions and history of traditions: history and history of religion; history of traditions and Old Testament theology; from history of traditions to New Testament theology; Bultmann and beyond; for and against the "new quest"; history of religions research. Part 5 Theology and the social sciences: faith and reason; a new era; three examples; within and beyond the historical pale. Part 6 Theology, history and literature: biblical scholarship and theology; historical criticism and theological interpretation; history and hermeneutics; the necessity of theory; historical supports for theological proposals; the alliance weakens; alternative forms of theological interpretation. Part 7 Literary study of the Bible: different aims and methods; earlier literary interests; back to literature; the literary frame of reference; the breakthrough; the Gospels as literature and history; the teaching of Jesus; literary theory and theology; a parallel case. Part 8 Conclusion - interpretation and the life of scripture: texts, authors and readers; religious and non-religious aims; biblical criticism and Christian theology; theological interpretation; the necessity of theological interpretation; the character of theological interpretation; theory and theology; faith and reason; scholarship and faith; the uses of methods; theology today; theology tomorrow; loss and gain. Annotated index of names.

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