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Language Down the Garden Path

The Cognitive and Biological Basis for Linguistic Structures
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Montserrat Sanz
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Thomas G. Bever: Reprint of 'The Cognitive Basis of Linguistic Structures'; 1 Montserrat Sanz, Itziar Laka, and Michael K. Tanenhaus: Sentence Comprehension Before and After 1970: Topics, debates, and techniques; 2 Gerry T. M. Altmann: Anticipating the Garden Path: The horse raced past the barn ate the cake; 3 Maryellen C. MacDonald: Inviting Production to the Cognitive Basis Party; 4 Chien-Jer Charles Lin: Thematic Templates and the Comprehension of Relative Clauses; 5 Edward Gibson, Harry Tily, and Evelina Fedorenko: The Processing Complexity of English Relative Clauses; 6 Gary S. Dell and Audrey K. Kittredge: Prediction, Production, Priming, and imPlicit Learning: A framework for psycholinguistics; 7 David J. Townsend: Enduring Themes in Sentence Comprehension: Projecting linguistic structures; 8 Robert Berwick: The Multiple Bases for Linguistic Structures; 9 Janet Dean Fodor: Pronouncing and Comprehending Center-embedded Sentences; 10 Brian McElree and Lisbeth Dyer: Beyond Capacity: The role of memory processes in building linguistic structure in real-time; 11 Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky and Matthias Schlesewsky: Neurotypology: Modelling cross-linguistic similarities and differences in the neurocognition of language comprehension; 12 Montserrat Sanz: The Path From Certain Events to Linguistic Uncertainties; 13 Massimo Piatteli-Palmarini: On Abstraction and Language Universals; 14 Virginia Valian: Determiners: An empirical argument for innateness; 15 Simona Mancini, Nicola Molinaro, and Manuel Carreiras: Anchoring Agreement; 16 Colin Phillips: Parser-grammar Relations: We don't understand everything twice; 17 Edward P. Stabler: The Epicenter of Linguistic Behaviour; 18 Luciano Fadiga and Alessandro D'Ausilio: From Action to Language: Evidence and speculations; 19 Yosef Grodzinsky: The Mirror Theory of Language: A neuro-linguist's perspective; 20 Jacques Mehler: Some Issues in Current Language Acquisition Research; 21 Ewan Dunbar, Brian Dillon, and William J. Idsardi: A Bayesian Evaluation of the Cost of Abstractness; 22 Thomas G. Bever: The Biolinguistics of Language Universals - the next years; Michael K. Tanenhaus: Afterword: The Impact of The Cognitive Basis for Linguistic Structures: A retrospective reflection, reconstruction, and appreciation; References; Index
Thomas G. Bever's now iconic sentence, The horse raced past the barn fell, first appeared in his 1970 paper "The Cognitive Basis of Linguistic Structures". This 'garden path sentence', so-called because of the way it leads the reader or listener down the wrong parsing path, helped spawn the entire subfield of sentence processing. It has become the most often quoted element of a paper which spanned a wealth of research into the relationship between the grammatical
system and language processing.

Language Down the garden Path traces the lines of research that grew out of Bever's classic paper. Leading scientists review over 40 years of debates on the factors at play in language comprehension, production, and acquisition (the role of prediction, grammar, working memory, prosody, abstractness, syntax, and semantics mapping); the current status of universals and narrow syntax; and virtually every topic relevant in psycholinguistics since 1970. Written in an accessible and engaging
style, the book will appeal to all those interested in understanding the questions that shaped, and are still shaping, this field and the ways in which linguists, cognitive scientists, psychologists, and neuroscientists are seeking to answer them.

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