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Consciousness and the Limits of Objectivity

The Case for Subjective Physicalism
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Robert J. Howell
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In Consciousness and the Limits of Objectivity Robert J. Howell argues that the options in the debates about consciousness and the mind-body problem are more limited than many philosophers have appreciated. Unless one takes a hard-line stance, which either denies the data provided by consciousness or makes a leap of faith about future discoveries, one must admit that no objective picture of our world can be complete. Howell argues, however, that this is
consistent with physicalism, contrary to received wisdom. After developing a novel, neo-Cartesian notion of the physical, followed by a careful consideration of the three major anti-materialist arguments-Black's 'Presentation Problem', Jackson's Knowledge Argument, and Chalmers' Conceivability Argument-Howell
proposes a 'subjective physicalism' which gives the data of consciousness their due, while retaining the advantages of a monistic, physical ontology.
Table of Contents; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Part I: Defining Physicalism; 1 The Base Problem; 2 Supervenience and the Relation Problem; Part II: The Threat of the Subjective; 3 Phenomenal Knowledge and Acquaintance; 4 Acquaintance and Objectivity; Part III: Saving Physicalism; 5 The Ontology of Subjective Physicalism; 6 Deduction, Necessitation and Acquaintance; 7 Assessing Subjective Physicalism; Bibliography

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