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EU Merger Control

A Legal and Economic Analysis
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Ioannis Kokkoris
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Economic analysis plays a pivotal role in competition enforcement. Integrating an economic perspective on merger control with a legal perspective throughout, this is a comprehensive reference work on merger control in the EU. Each chapter includes an analysis of the economic methods that have been employed in merger cases or that can be employed in merger assessment, such as merger simulation and critical loss analysis.

Whilst focusing on EU practice, the work also highlights key procedures and and case law across the member states. A comparison with US procedure is also considered.

Analysing both substantive and procedural law in detail, this is the most comprehensive work on EU merger control and is invaluable for merger assessment.
1 Introduction; 2 History of ECMR Regulation 4064/89; 3 Reform - Regulation 139/2004; 4 Concept of Concentration - Joint Ventures; 5 Community Dimension - Notification and Referral System; 6 Investigation and Decision Process; 7 Market Definition; 8 Market Shares and Concentration; 9 Horizontal Mergers - Noncoordinated Effects; 10 Horizontal Mergers - Coordinated Effects; 11 Nonhorizontal Mergers: Vertical Mergers; 12 Nonhorizontal Mergers: Conglomerate Mergers; 13 Barriers to Entry - Potential Competition; 14 Buyer Power Assessment; 15 Efficiency Assessment; 16 Failing Firm Defence; 17 Remedies; 18 Judicial Review; 19 Merger Control

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