Functional Awareness and Yoga: An Anatomical Guide to the Body in Reflective Practice

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Functional Awareness and Yoga provides essential foundations in functional anatomy with applications to help improve specific postures in yoga. Each chapter contains a practice section that integrates anatomical principles into daily life in order to release unnecessary tension, improve posture, and recruit effort efficiently off the yoga mat.
Autor: Allegra Romita
Allegra Romita teaches Functional Awareness® Anatomy in Action, Dance, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga in New York City. She is also a Certified Movement Analyst.Nancy Romita is on faculty at Towson University where she teaches anatomy and kinesiology. She is also Director of the Alexander Technique Mid-Atlantic Teacher Training Course.

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Autor: Allegra Romita
ISBN-13 :: 9780190863913
ISBN: 0190863919
Erscheinungsjahr: 03.12.2018
Seiten: 136
Sprache: Englisch
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