Armies of Deliverance: A New History of the Civil War

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In Armies of Deliverance, Elizabeth Varon offers both a sweeping narrative of the Civil War and a bold new interpretation of Union and Confederate war aims.
Autor: Elizabeth R. Varon
Elizabeth R. Varon is Langbourne M. Williams Professor of American History and associate director of the John L. Nau III Center for Civil War History at the University of Virginia. A specialist in the Civil War era and 19th-century South, Varon is the author of We Mean to be Counted: White Women and Politics in Antebellum Virginia; Southern Lady, Yankee Spy: The True Story of Elizabeth Van Lew, A Union Agent in the Heart of the Confederacy,Disunion!: The Coming of the American Civil War, 1789-1859, and Appomattox: Victory, Defeat and Freedom at the End of the Civil War.

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Autor: Elizabeth R. Varon
ISBN-13 :: 9780190860608
ISBN: 019086060X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2019
Seiten: 520
Sprache: Englisch
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