Buckets from an English Sea

1832 and the Making of Charles Darwin
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Buckets from an English Sea offers a new view of what inspired Darwin and provoked his work. Stunning events early in the voyage of the Beagle challenged his deeply held conviction that people are innately good. This study of 1832 highlights the resources available to the young Darwin as he worked to secure humanity's innate goodness, most especially matters of historical criticism.
Autor: Louis B. (Retired Science Consultant Rosenblatt
Louis B. Rosenblatt taught for over 30 years, chiefly at the Park School, but also at Leeds University and Gallaudet College. He is now retired after a fifteen year career as a science consultant for the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM Education. He holds a PhD in the History of Science from Johns Hopkins University.

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Autor: Louis B. (Retired Science Consultant Rosenblatt
ISBN-13 :: 9780190654405
ISBN: 0190654406
Erscheinungsjahr: 16.01.2018
Verlag: Oxford University Press
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