The Complete American Constitutionalism, Volume One

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Howard Gillman
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List of Tables, Figures, and Images; Preface; Part 1: Introduction to American Constitutionalism; I. What Is a Constitution?; II. Constitutional Purposes; III. Constitutional Interpretation and Decision Making; A. Constitutional Arguments; B. Sources of Constitutional Arguments; C. The Politics of Constitutional Argument; IV. Constitutional Authority; V. Constitutional Change; VI. Constitutional Politics and Law; Bibliography; Part 2: The Colonial Era: Before 1776; I. Introduction; II. Foundations; A. Sources; B. Principles; C. Scope; III. Constitutional Authority and Judicial Power; A. Constitutional Authority; B. Judicial Selection, Structure and Jurisdiction; C. Constitutional Litigation; IV. Powers; A. General Principles; B. Congressional (Parliamentary) Power over Domestic Policy; C. Congressional (Parliamentary Power over Foreign Policy; D. Congressional (Parliamentary) Power to Acquire and Govern Territory; E. Powers and Rights of Members of Congress (Parliament), Observers, and Congressional (Parliamentary) Committees; F. State (Colonial) Powers under State Constitutions (Colonial Charters); V. Federalism; A. The Status of States (Colonies) in the Federal Union (British Empire); B. State (Colonial) Sovereign Immunity and Commandeering; C. Preemption; D. Relationships between States (Colonies); VI. Separation of Powers; A. General Principles; B. Presidential (Royal) War and Foreign Policy Powers; C. Domestic Powers of the President (Monarch); D. Presidential (Royal) Power to Execute the Law; E. Appointment and Removal Powers; F. Executive Privileges, Immunities and Impeachment; VII. Individual Rights; A. Property; B. Religion; C. Guns; D. Personal Freedom and Public Morality; E. Positive Rights; VIII. Democratic Rights; A. Free Speech; B. Voting; C. Citizenship; IX. Equality; A. Equality Under Law; B. Race; C. Gender; D. Native Americans; X. Criminal Justice; A. Due Process; B. Habeas Corpus; C. Search and Seizure; D. Interrogations; E. Juries; F. Lawyers; G. Punishments; Bibliography; Appendix: Constitution of the United States; Index
In The Complete American Constitutionalism, Volume One: Introduction and The Colonial Era, the authors provide the building blocks for constitutional analysis with an in-depth exploration of the constitutional conflicts in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that formed the overall American constitutional experience.

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