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Debating Brain Drain

May Governments Restrict Emigration?
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Gillian Brock
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Part I
By Gillian Brock

1. Introduction to Part I
2. What Does Global Justice Require?
3. Prosperity in Developing Countries, the Effects Departing Individuals Have on Those Left Behind, and Some Policy Options
4. Whose Responsibility is it to Remedy Losses Caused by the Departure of Skilled Migrants?
5. Consideration of Central Anticipated Objections
6. Summary of Conclusions from Part I

Part II
By Michael Blake

7. The Right to Leave: Looking Back
8. The Right to Leave: Looking Forward
9. The Right to Leave and What Remains

Part III
Responses by Gillian Brock and Michael Blake

10. Brock Responds to Blake
11. Blake Responds to Brock

Many of the best and brightest citizens of developing countries choose to emigrate to wealthier societies, taking their skills and educations with them. What do these people owe to their societies of origin? May developing societies legitimately demand that their citizens use their skills to improve life for their fellow citizens? Are these societies ever permitted to prevent their own citizens from emigrating?

These questions are increasingly important, as the gap between rich and poor societies widens, and as the global migration of skilled professionals intensifies. This volume addresses the ethical rights and responsibilities of such professionals, and of the societies in which they live. Gillian Brock and Michael Blake agree that the phenomenon of the brain drain is troubling, but offer distinct arguments about what might be permissibly done in response to this phenomenon.

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