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Black Print Unbound

The Christian Recorder, African American Literature, and Periodical Culture
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Eric Gardner
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Chapter 1White Houses and Black Print

Part I:
"Our Church Organ": Toward a Cultural and Material History of the Early Recorder

Chapter 2
"Dense Darkness": Recovering the Recorder's History

Chapter 3
From Pine Street to the Nation (and Back Again): The Business of the Recorder

Chapter 4
"Their Friends at Home with Papers": Recorder Subscription and Subscribers

Part II:
"Would not such a narration be worth reading?": The Christian Recorder and African American Literary History

Chapter 5
"We are in the world": Reading the Recorder in the Civil War Era

Chapter 6
"So Let Us Hear from All the Brethren": The Christian Recorder and Correspondence

Chapter 7
"That Wished Home of Peace": The Personal and the Political in Christian Recorder Elegies

Chapter 8
Black (Women's) Fortunes and The Curse of Caste

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Black Print Unbound explores the development of the Christian Recorder during and just after the American Civil War. As a study of the African Methodist Episcopal Church newspaper and so of a periodical with national reach among free African Americans, Black Print Unbound is at once a massive recovery effort of a publication by African Americans for African Americans, a consideration of the nexus of African Americanist inquiry and print culture studies, and an intervention in the study of literatures of the Civil War, faith communities, and periodicals.

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