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The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race

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Naomi Zack
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Editor's Introduction to the volume

Section I. Ideas of Race in the History of Modern Philosophy
Editor's Introduction to Section I.
Chapter 1. John Locke, Racism, Slavery, and Indian Lands William Uzgalis
Chapter 2. David Hume on Race Aaron Garrett and Silvia Sebastiani
Chapter 3. Kantian Racism and Kantian Teleology Bernard Boxill
Chapter 4. Nietzsche as a Philosopher of Racialized Breeding Robert Bernasconi
Chapter 5. Philosophy and the Racial Contract Charles W. Mills

Section II. Pluralistic Ideas of Race
Editor's Introduction to Section II.
Chapter 6. "Race" in 18th and 19th Century Discourse by Africans in the Diaspora Albert G. Mosely
Chapter 7. Indigeneity and US Settler Colonialism Kyle Powys Whyte
Chapter 8. A Critical Transnational Perspective to Asian America Yen le Espiritu
Chapter 9. Rights and Identity in Latin American Philosophy Susana Nuccetelli
Chapter 10. Looking for Alain Locke Leonard Harris

Section III. Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science
Editor's Introduction to Section IIII.
Chapter 11. Race, Definition, and Science Albert Atkin
Chapter 12. Minimalist Biological race Michael O. Hardimon
Chapter 13. Biological Anthropology, Population Genetics, and Race John H. Relethford
Chapter 14. A Metatheory of Race Josh Glasgow
Chapter 15. Race and Ethnicity Jorge J.E. Gracia

IV. American Philosophy and Ideas of Race
Editor's Introduction to Section IV.
Chapter 16. Between Reconstruction and Elimination: Alain Locke's Philosophy of Race Jacoby Adeshei Carter
Chapter 17. Du Bois, Appiah, and Outlaw on Racial Identity Chike Jeffers
Chapter 18. Cornel West, American Pragmatism, and the Post-Obama Racial/Social Dynamics Clarence Sholé Johnson
Chapter 19. Insurrectionist Ethics and Racism Lee A. McBride III
Chapter 20. History of African American Political Thought and Anti-Racist Critical Theory Robert Gooding-Williams

V. Continental Philosophy and Race
Editor's Introduction to Section V.
Chapter 21 Hegel, History, and Race Rocío Zambrana
Chapter 22. Exploring the Matter of Race: A Materialist Philosophical Inquiry Stephen C. Ferguson, II
Chapter 23. Race and Existentialism: The Dialectic from Mailer's "The White Negro" to Memmi's Racism Jonathan Judaken
Chapter 24. From Scientific Racism to Neoliberal Biopolitics: A Use of Foucault's Toolkit Ladelle McWhorter
Chapter 25. Phenomenology and Race Lewis Gordon

VI. Racism and Neo-Racisms
Editor's Introduction to Section VI.
Chapter 26. The Quartet in the Political Persona of Ida B. Wells Joy James
Chapter 27. To Be Black Excess and Non-Recyclable Janine Jones
Chapter 28. White Privilege Shannon Sullivan
Chapter 29. Racialization of Muslim in the Post-9/11 United States Falguni Sheth
Chapter 30. State Racism, State Violence, and Vulnerable Solidarity Myisha Cherry

VII. Social Construction and Racial Identities
Editor's Introduction to Section VII.
Chapter 31. Black American Social Identity and Its Blackness Lionel K. McPherson
Chapter 32. How Mixed Race Is Not Constructed Naomi Zack
Chapter 33. Racial Identity, Racial Ontology, and Racial Norms Ron Mallon
Chapter 34. Is it Moral to Hold a Racial Identity?: A Cosmopolitan Response Jason D. Hill
Chapter 35. Effortful Agon: Learning to Think and Feel Differently about Race Jacqueline Scott

VIII. Contemporary Social Issues: Education, Health, Medicine, and Sports
Editor's Introduction to Section VIII.
Chapter 36. Racial Profiling and the Political Philosophy of Race Annabelle Lever
Chapter 37. Race and K-12 Education Lawrence Blum
Chapter 38. Race in the Biomedical Sciences Michael Root
Chapter 39. Race, Health Disparities, Incarceration, and Structural Inequality Laurie Shrage
Chapter 40. Intelligence, Race, and Psychological Testing Mark Alfano, LaTasha Holden, and Andrew Conway
Chapter 41. 'Race' to the Finish Line: African Americans, Sports, and the Color Line John H. McClendon III

IX. Public Policy, Political Philosophy, and Law
Editor's Introduction to Section IX.
Chapter 42. Reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow, Its Assumptions and Implications David Lyons
Chapter 43. Race, Rectification, and Apology Rodney C. Roberts
Chapter 44. The Concept of Race and Equal Protection Law Tina Botts
Chapter 45. Affirmative Action for the Future James P. Sterba
Chapter 46. Ideal, Nonideal, and Empirical Theories of Social Justice Naomi Zack

X. Feminism, Gender, and Race
Editor's Introduction to Section X.
Chapter 47. Ethnological Theories of Race/Sex in 19th Century Black Thought Tommy J. Curry
Chapter 48. Jefferson's Paradox, or A Very Brief History of Black Women's Sexuality, Hip Hop, and American Culture T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting
Chapter 49. The Violent Weight of Whiteness: Existential and Psychic Price Paid by Black Male Bodies George Yancy
Chapter 50. Gender Theory in Philosophy of Race Naomi Zack
Chapter 51. The Sting of Shame: Ridicule, Rape, and Social Bonds Cynthia Willett

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race provides up-to-date explanation and analyses by leading scholars of contemporary issues in African American philosophy and philosophy of race. These original essays encompass the major topics and approaches in this emerging philosophical subfield that supports demographic inclusion and diversity while at the same time strengthening the conceptual arsenal of social and political philosophy.
Over the course of the volume's ten topic-based sections, ideas about race held by Locke, Hume, Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche are supplemented by suppressed thought from the African diaspora, early twentieth-century African American perspectives and Native-, Asian-, and Latin-, American views. The contributors bring philosophical analysis to bear on the status of racial divisions as categories of humanity in the biological sciences, as well as within contemporary criticism and conceptual analysis. Essays present the special applications of American philosophy and continental philosophy to ideas of race as methodological alternatives to more analytic approaches. As a collection of analyses and assessments of 'race' in the real world, the volume pays trenchant and relevant attention to historical and contemporary racism and what it means to say that 'race' and racial identities are socially constructed.

The essays analyze contemporary social issues including the importance of racial difference and identity in education, public health, medicine, IQ and other standardized tests, and sports. Additionally, the essays consider the societal limitations and structures provided by public policy and law. As a critical theory, the volume compares the study of race to feminism. Historical and contemporary, academic and popular, racisms pertaining to male and female gender receive special consideration throughout the volume. While this comprehensive collection may have the effect of a textbook, each of the original essays is a fresh and authentic development of important present thought.

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