Violence at the Urban Margins

Global and Comparative Ethnogr
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Acknowledgements; Introduction; Kristine Kilanski and Javier Auyero; Section 1: Shared Understandings; Chapter One: The Moral Economy of Murder: Violence, Death, and Social Order in Nicaragua; Dennis Rodgers; Chapter Two: The Moral Economy of Violence in the US Inner City; George Karandinos, Laurie Hart, Fernando Montero Castrillo, and Philippe Bourgois; Chapter Three: On the Importance of Having a Positive Attitude; Kevin Lewis O'Neill and Benjamin Fogarty-Valenzuela; Section 2: Gender and Masculinities; Chapter Four: 'Es que para ellos el deporte es matar': Rethinking the scripts of violent men in El Salvador and Brazil; Mo Hume and Polly Wilding; Chapter Five: Duros and Gangland Girlfriends: Male Identity, Gang Socialisation and Rape in Medellin; Adam Baird; Section 3: Being in danger, what do people do?; Chapter Six: Fear and Spectacular Drug Violence in Monterrey; Ana Villarreal; Chapter Seven: Chismosas and Alcahuetas: Being the mother of an empistolado within the everyday armed violence of a Caracas barrio; Veronica Zubillaga, Manuel Llorens, and John Souto; Chapter Eight: Managing in the Midst of Social Disaster: Poor People's Responses to Urban Violence; Javier Auyero and Kristine Kilanski; Chapter Nine: When the Police Knock Your Door In; Alice Goffman; Section 4: Ethnographic positions and the politics of violence; Chapter Ten: Standpoint Purgatorio: Liminal Fear and Danger in Studying the Black and Brown Tension in Los Angeles; Randol Contreras; Chapter Eleven: When the Rule of Law is Irrelevant: Death Squads and Vigilante Politics in Democratic North East Brazil; Nancy Scheper-Hughes; Postface; Philippe Bourgois; Notes; Bibliography; Index
Violence at the Urban Margins seeks to shift the focus on discussions of public safety in urban society away from the middle and upper-middle classes to the urban margins where people experience violence the most.
Editiert von: Javier Auyero, Philippe Bourgois, Nancy Scheper-Hughes
Javier Auyero is Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Professor of Latin American Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin.; Philippe Bourgois is a Richard Perry University Professor of Anthropology & Family and Community Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.; Nancy Scheper-Hughes is Professor of Medical Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley.

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