A Paradoxical Element
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Fluorine: A Paradoxical Element, Volume Five, deals with the link between fluorine, humanity and the environment. It is divided into three main sections, including i) The history and developmental stages of fluorinated products, ii) Awareness of its importance in our environment, and iii) Recent contributions of fluoride products in medicine, pharmacy and our daily lives. Made engaging through interesting figures and accessible language, and written by a leading expert, Professor Tressaud, the book supports the work of scientists working in materials, toxicology and environmental science. It complements the author's edited series, Progress in Fluorine Science, covering recent advances.

Section 1 - History and milestones of fluorine and fluorinated products 1. The true nature of the imperial murrhina through a critical lecture of Pliny's "Naturalis Historia” 2. Uses of fluorinated minerals through centuries 3. Georgius Agricola, a humanist mineralogist and creator of the word "fluoride" 4. In search of the missing halogen, from the Renaissance to the end of XIXth century 5. The isolation of fluorine on June 1886 by a pharmacist and chemist: Henri Moissan 6. Developmental milestones of fluorinated products

Section 2 - Presence of fluorine and fluorinated compounds in our environment 7. Genesis and cosmo-chemistry of fluorine 8. Fluorine and our atmosphere 9. Fluorine and the lithosphere

Section 3 - Fluorine, impact on mankind 10. Contributions of fluorinated molecules and products in medicine, pharmacy and biotechnologies 11. Fluorine, impact on human health 12. Fluorosis and physiological effects of fluorides on living organisms 13. Improving the quality of drinking water by defluoridation

Section 4 - Conclusion 14. What future for fluorine and fluorine products?

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